Emmalees's Woodland Camping 5th Birthday

I knew it's been a couple of months since Emmalee's birthday, but I still wanted to share with you our first birthday celebration in Panama. My apartment and my mom's apartment are really small, but we have the advantage of living next door to each other. So we came with the solution of having my living room be the "play" are and her living room be the eating area. 

I love her showcase model pose.

Love the many monograms I've found online for free.

The cake was a lot easier to make than I thought here in Panama.

The camping tent had to be improvised because I forgot and ran out of fondant.

The buttercream tree bark was extreme easy.

Cinnamon rolls pops

How lovely are these? And they were also so easy to make.

These were specifically requested by the birthday girls

 l love how these buttercream fire pits turned out. I can never get that red color, but I somehow did this time.

Cute favor boxes courtesy of Grandma Linda.

Our Canadian beaver to remember our Tio Ditto and Tia Lia.

In love with my topiary!

How gorgeous is that fox pillow for a reading nook?

Our "Le Petit Prince" fox. He surprisingly sleeps with Emmalee; I thought he'd be Kaylee's.

All the frames are made from cereal boxes. Amazing recycling!

I have also recycled that green banner for 3 events now!

The centerpieces were an assortment of felt woodland animals. The fox is still my favorite in all this theme.




I have yet to make a felt owl I like.


The photo booth was simple and pretty.

And we had some whimsical masks to go with it.

My Panamanian bestie!

Mom, sister, and me!

For play, we had some magnetic fishing rods for some camping fishing. 

And set up the TV in the living room to play Start the Party with the Playstation Move. (Boy do I miss that Playstation... Mean robbers!)

We had a woodland creature visitor with the adorable Chugui, Aunt Lilly's ferret.

Chugs was a total hit!

God bless him!

First time breaking a piƱata in an apartment parking lot.

It was a great day. We were so happy to have Grandma Martha with us that day all the way from Honduras. Emmalee really enjoyed time with her friends and loved everything about her birthday.
Here are some more pics of the time we got to share together. 

Lovely bunny photo bombing!

Happy munchkin!

Emmalee birthday interview Age 5

What is your favorite TV show? How to Train Your Dragon Series.
What is your favorite movie? Ferdinand.
What is your favorite thing to do at school (School for her is church's Sunday school)? Play with blocks.
What is your favorite color? All the colors.
What is your favorite toy? Skates and bicycle.
What do you want to be when you grow up? A mom so I can get my baby.
What is your favorite book? My prayer book.
Who is your best friend? Maria Jose, Graciela, Kaylee, Sarah.
What is your favorite animal? Horse.
What is your favorite place? The park.
What is your favorite thing to do with mom? Cupcakes and cookies.
What is your favorite thing to do with dad? Play.
What is your favorite thing to do with Kaylee? Play and do school.

Dear Emmalee,
My sweet, sweet girl! I have been basking in your sweetness for five years, and you only get sweeter, my darling. You are always the kindest and most loving little girl around. You love snuggling, hugging, kissing. Your grandma Linda has the greatest time with you as she is just the same. I love how you still delight when I take the time to just hold you and tell you to your ear how much I love you and how you are the most beautiful girl my eyes have seen. You blush, hold my face, and say "I love you, mom" with the most sincere look filled with love. Your eyes are so expressive. You can see the light come into them when you are happy or excited. You remember everything. It always surprises me how you remember things even I have forgotten. You would never get lost. You always know where you are, where you've been, and where you are going. I hope that is true all your days. I pray you find that guidance in God's will, delighting in His love like you delight in mine. I delight in my love for you. It only gets better. You are so good in following orders. You still battle with trying to get your way at all costs when you don't want to give in, but you are quicker to listen. You have taken a better attitude on discipline. You no longer fight me and you understand the reason and purpose for it. I am glad you have such a strong desire to be excellent. You strive for greatness and you are a little perfectionist. You got that from your mommy. You got from your daddy your tenderness. You got from your Grandma Linda your kindness. You are such a wonderful big sister. When Kaylee has misbehaved and mommy feigns her "OK, I'm gonna leave you here and we are going to go without you" to make her hurry up, you run in front of me and start advocating for your sister begging me not to leave her. "No, I love my sister. I want her to come too!" You are such a darling. You love Jesus. This is the first year I can say that. You love Him. If I tell you something you did would make Jesus sad, it honestly concerns you and you earnestly try not to do it more. Also, when mommy gets upsets and starts raising her voice or yelling, you remind me that Jesus wouldn't like that. Ha! Well played, baby... Well played! It makes mommy stop yelling almost immediately and the guilt trip makes mommy be more mindful through the day. I really don't mind you calling me out on not upsetting Jesus either. I pray I am not failing you as a mother. You are so smart. I feel you are not more ahead in your education because of my inconsistency as a teacher. I am sorry. I am doing my best to be healthier for you. And you are so understanding and helpful. You are just five, but if mommy can't get out of bed because her head hurts, you will caress such head until mommy feels better. You are so patient with me. I wish I was as patient as you are. You teach me so much how to be better person. I love how you already grasp the fact that you speak two languages and you adjust the language according to the audience. Your sister cracks us up when she speaks in English to everyone even if they don't understand her. You are still her translator, as you have been since she was 2. Mommy is not the one who understands her most; it is you, wonderful big sister. I love hearing you laugh with daddy. I love how you want to show him everything new you learned how to do that day when he comes home from work. You are growing more and more into a daddy's girl, but mom will put up a fight. Baby, I beg the Lord everyday to let me see you grow up into the wonderful soldier for His Kingdom you will undoubtedly be. I love you, my princess. I love you forever.