Emmalee's Ice cream and Doughnut shop 6th Birthday

One of the things I most enjoy about Emmalee's birthday is how much time I have to prepare for it. I start making stuff since June. I could start earlier, but I try to contain myself and not start planning it right after Kaylee's birthday for my husband's sake. I don't have that luxury with Kaylee's birthday because I only get 3 months to prep after Emmalee's birthday and Christmas. I thought I was doing an easy theme with ice cream and doughnut and in a sense it was. I did get complicated with the laborious party favor boxes. In the end, I do enjoy crafting and making as many decorations I can. Crafting is a great way to control my anxiety and let go of any stress of the day.
So, as always, here is a rundown of Emmalee's 6th birthday party.

Just looking at these pictures will give you cavities with how sugary it all looks and is.

Aunt Lilly did an awesome job taping all those tissue papers to the wall for the backdrop. 

I love decoration that is easy and fast to do and looks great; this is the case with those balloon ice cream cones. 

The best thing about this theme is the amount of free printables available online. I loved that sprinkled happy birthday banner and my honeycomb cones banner.

Can you believe that awning is cardboard held up by a string? We felt really lucky that idea worked because no amount of tape was holding that up. We saw two hooks on the wall, wrapped some string several times on them and hanged the awning to it.

Man, Aunt Lilly worked hard to make those letters stand, but that M kept going back. These are 3D letter from Mr P. It has awesome free printables.

I saved that watercolor painting I did for the girls' room with the words "All you need is love and ice cream." The sundae table has mini marshmallows, cherries, chocolate chips, mini gummy bears, oreo cookies and m&ms with chocolate, strawberry, and caramel sauce and sprinkles

I had only planned on making Emmalee on the cake, but when I was done she asked where was her sister. I decided to add them both and have them dressed like they're real counter parts.
How adorable are my milk bottles with doughnut sugar cookie on top? Again, either ice cream or doughnut theme had a ton of free printables available online.

I try to use as less fondant as possible. I prefer a buttercream cake, but the heat is a real enemy in this country, as you can tell in the cracks in the buttercream. I went for an easier design for the cake and really enjoyed making it.

Adorable milk boxes filled with chocolates and a better view of my milk bottles.

Making the doughnut cookies was exceedingly easy that the girls were able to help me.

I so wanted to have Krispy Kreme doughnuts but there was a strike at customs and the stores had closed for that weekend for lack of ingredients. At least the kids enjoy the pricesmart doughnuts and they are way cheaper. 

I made this truck with hard cardboard so the girls could use it with their dolls. When they don't play with it, the roof comes off to use as storage box. Good place to store littlest Pet shop toys.
 Yeah, the cupcakes were also very easy to do and very yummy looking.

These doughnut boxes hold a little favor I made for the girls. The blue boxes contain a little toy car, for I couldn't think of what to make for the boys. Here is the inside content of the box.

The box is a free printable from tinyme. Click the link for the printable, which also has the digital paper I used for the decorations. 
The doughnut is clay painted with acrylic paint, some color paper for the sprinkles, and some glitter glue to seal it. I used the links of an old bracelet and I made the string for a nice necklace. 

The girls wanted to model their necklaces.

That was supposed to be a cupcake ferris wheel, but I made it too small. Used it as decoration and the girls use it as Shopkins storage.

The prizes for the games were giant doughnut shaped chalks. I used a lovely gift tag from Oh Happy Day! Click on the link for the printable and to see more free stuff.

I bought the doughnut headbands and made soda clerk hats for the boys. Only Omar was willing to use it. Here is Kaylee modelling the hat.

Emmalee uses it to sell ice cream on her ice cream truck.

I absolutely loved the ice cream truck for photos. 

Blowing those balloons was hard work, even with a balloon pump. Emmalee was very helpful pumping and the hubs and Franklin did a great job putting them up for a sprinkled wall.
The candy letters are from Oh Happy Day too.

Simple center pieces.

The ice cream cart shelf was a DIY I posted on my recycling post. It is very well made for it holds the girls' libray quite well. The favor boxes were a nightmare to make. Just look at all the different parts:

I needed two cereal boxes to make one box. I had to glue the template to the cereal box, cut the different parts, fold them, and glue the box together. It took me an hour to make one (while watching tv or playing with the girls, I might add). I could not find a free ice cream truck printable except for a template from a Korean K-pop band called Red Velvet (You can see the Red Velvet label on the side of the truck). Unfortunately, the pdf was no longer available, only the jpg. It took me quite some tries to get the size of the jpg right to glue the pieces. 

People I love most in the whole world.

Here is a rundown of the different games we played:

Stomp the balloon.

Cherry spoon race.

Toss the doughnut whole

Pin the cherry.

Treat time!

Sundae bar time!

Eat the cookie with no hands!

Sweet Shop Bingo. Click here for the pdf.

PiƱata time!

Picture time!

Cake time!

Prayer time!

Here is a picture of the girls in front of the cake to show how they mirror the girls in the cake. 

Emmalee Birthday interview age 6:
How old are you? 6
What is your favorite TV show? Magic School bus
What is your favorite movie? Ralph Breaks the Internet and Hotel Transilvania 3
What is your favorite thing to do at school? Ballerina class
What is your favorite color? Blue
What is your favorite toy? Swimming Pinkie Pie
What do you want to be when you grow up? A Mommy.
What is your favorite book? There's a Monster in the Tree
Who is your best friend? Haydee and Kaylee
What is your favorite animal? Elephant
What is your favorite place? The elephant park
What is your favorite thing to do with mom? Ballerina class
What is your favorite thing to do with dad? Play with him
What is your favorite thing to do with Kaylee? Play with her, watch tv, and play with the puppy with her.

Dear Emmalee,
You are six! You are closer to 10 than you are to 1. You are no longer a toddler. You are a little girl who looks more and more like a little lady. You are so lovely, my baby girl. Teaching you is so easy. You are self-driven and a perfectionist. I often have to tell you to take it easy on yourself and give yourself time to learn and practice. You want to get it right right away and you get frustrated with yourself when you can't do something the first time you try. You are learning to play the piano, but what you truly want to learn is to be a gymnast. Mom and dad are trying to find money to be able to afford classes. In the mean time, you happily let mom teach you yoga, stretching, and tumbling in the living room. You have developed a love for drawing and writing. It makes me so happy I don't need to push you to do anything; you just want to learn and know as much as you can. You ask so many questions about Jesus. That fills my heart immensely. You know the Jesus birth story, but this Christmas was the first time you asked about the resurrection story. I could see your eyes filling with awe and understanding. You no longer want to pray repeating after mommy. You want to say your own prayer. You finally got the puppy you wanted for your birthday. Her name is Bentlee and she is half beagle and half Cocker Spaniel. You love playing with her and teaching her tricks, but you do not like having to clean after your puppy. It's called motherhood, baby; it comes with many perks but many duties too.  She does make our outings more exciting. I love that mommy is capable of taking you to the park more often, and the need of walking the dog makes the park visits more often. I struggle many days in self-pity lamenting that you have an ill mom. I wish you had a better mom who taught you better and did more with you. I am trying to be better and more diligent for you and your sister. I love your drawings. You fold them in four and give them to us as gifts. You enjoy writing our names. You have such a pure heart that you are filled with pride because mommy puts your drawing or painting on the wall. You are so good at sharing. At the park, you show other kids your puppy and guide them in taking turns playing with her. You do need to do better at sharing with your sister, but I know it's tough because you share with her everything every day. You take it very seriously when mom tells you being a big sister means protecting your sister. You will tackle her to the ground if you think she is going to cross the street or a car is nearby. Your sister greatest joy is that you can carry her, and she loves letting you. It is a joy and sorrow to watch you grow. I can't wait to see what you will learn next and how your beauty both inside and outside will continue to grow, but at the same time I feel the years are passing by too fast. The days indeed are long, but the years are way too fleeting. I want to freeze you. The romance we used to have were you would bury your face in my chest is no longer there, but you still give me a lovey-dovey look that melts my heart  
Mommy tends to be too harsh on you, and you tell me "I'm your daughter" if mommy gets too angry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for every time I'm too hard or too harsh. I so pray to the Lord to make me soft and gentle. The Lord teaches me that through your example. I love you, my sweet girl. Don't lose that sweetness. 
Love, Mommy.