Fruitty-themed Baby Shower

I know a baby shower should not be planned by the mom, but I love party-planning so much my dear friends and family gave me the pleasure of planning mine. However, they got all my ideas and made them happen without me having to worry about anything. I have to say, the baby shower was more than I could have imagined and I loved every minute of it.

Isn't the "baby shower" banner beautiful?? My dearest Jenny made it!
Thank you Rodrigo for helping me put everything up. 

For party favors we had lemon curd.. Mmmm! The watermelon  pops look cute

The sweet pizza looks gorgeous (and the taste was amazing)! This one was done by my mother-in-law and decorated by my sweet friends Dela and Izell

The cupcakes were also fruity-inspired being lemon and orange flavored. And I'm so happy we had the rainbow fruitty kebbabs!

You can't appreciate them much on this pic but we have frozen fruitty popsicles and choco bananas!

Thank you Mely for the juice dispensers and the lovely lemonade and pink lemonade! 

Another banner by Jenny welcoming our baby Girl!

Isn't the fruitty baby funny? He was a total success in the party :P

The centerpieces where simple and cute

 The mommy to be oh so happy
It was a mixed baby shower so daddy was also a part of it!

Everything was wonderful and the guest even commented on how healthy and yummy everything was! 
The games were also a great hit:
We started with Dela's word soup. It was alot of fun. 
Then we had Jenny's dirty diaper game

 it's a chocolaty dirty diaper but dad likes to play the part. 

Then we had Izell's multitasking mom challenge: carry the baby, talk on the phone, and hang the clothes.

We ended with Denise's pictionary
My lovely Denise is a med-student. Oh the words she made us draw o.O

And prayer time praying for Emmalee

After the prayer time we enjoyed the delicious dinner my dear Aunts prepared for us. 

 Aren't they all gorgeous!

And then we all enjoyed the a photobooth with props made by Izell

 My Ulloa family
 Mi amiwo!
my coworkers!
 my lovely ladies!
 Danny and Jenny
 and Dela!
mommy and daddy 
like a sir! 
 Izell and Eduardo
 My Zelaya Family! My Father-in-law is hillarious

I want to end with a note on gratitude, since I'm overflowing with it:

Gratitude, the conscious and heartfelt expression of appreciation and thankfulness is the number one best antidote for dissatisfaction. Greed says I must have more; gratitude counters with I have more than enough. Greed says My life is pathetic; gratitude says I am so blessed. Greed steals joy; gratitude restores it.
Authentic and heartfelt gratitude can hush up insatiable desires and negative att

For instance you can hate your job, hate the boss, hate the people, hate the commute and hate the work. Or you can be genuinely grateful that you have a job today. You can learn to appreciate everything about that job, even the distasteful aspects because they build your character, tolerance and compassion.

No matter what the situation, you choose your focus. If you choose fear and anger, expect depression and misery. If you choose to respond with a grateful heart, expect hope, satisfaction and joy. Yes joy,
even in the midst of adversity. (Mary Hunt)

Thanks to everyone who helped and cooked and decorated and made this day soooo special and wonderful!

God Bless!