Emmalee's Tangled Birthday

What a joy to celebrate Emmalee's third birthday. I can't believe we are celebrating her third year. She is getting big too fast. Emmalee is so smart and says the cutest things. I can't wait for what she'll come up with in this new year. I love her gratitude and how she plays with her sister (when they are not fighting). We chose three things to pray for her for this year: obedience, kindness, and health. 

I can't express how much I loved this theme. We chose it because Emmalee loves the movie. 
When I saw all the gorgeous crafts from the theme in pinterest I just couldn't have enough of it. 

I am going to call this #PinterestWorthy! 
Now, I am not writing this to brag, but to show how surprised I was by how it turned out. 
I mean, the backdrop was painted by a two year and a one year old (except for the trees and lanterns). 
We painted that backdrop in August. It had been stepped on, wrinkled, and smooshed; but it still looked great. It helps it is in the back XD. 
Those blue jello boats were hard to make. I thought I could find Jello that was already blue. We went to different supermarkets that bring the brand with no luck. I was about to give up on the idea when I realized I could get a clear juice, color it blue with food coloring, and use unflavored gelatin. The problem was that I couldn't think of a clear juice I could color or a flavor I could give the blue water. The hubs was the one that suggested Jolly Rancher blueberry juice. I hate it, but it was the solution. I did dilute the juice with water to make it taste less sweet. Everyone loved it. I would not touch it. In the back you can see caramel apple bites. I really liked how the favor bags turned out because I was going for simple and cheap. All the decoration on the favor bags were done with recycled scraps from previous birthdays. 
I cannot express how grateful I am that cake turned out fine. I worked on the tower for days, doing a little bit each day. I loved seeing Emmalee's reaction when she realized Mommy was making Rapunzel's tower. She wanted to play with it, but she was more interested in grabbing pieces of fondant to eat. That girl loves sweets. The cake is a lemon cake with a lemon curd filling and cream cheese frosting. I was so happy I finally figure out how to make cream cheese frosting that is not runny and holds the shape. It was delicious and it even made a small crust. I did save the cupcake tower for her to play. The cupcakes were red velvet with the same cream cheese frosting. I was glad I made the flowers days in advance. 
The centerpieces were a combination of crafts on the Disney Family page. I did a little more details to the tower, but used the website's template. Loved the 3D Rapunzel and Pascal. (you can see Pascal peeking from behind the tower.)

I made that tangled sun banner in July. It's funny that people think I am able to do all that I do for my daughter's birthday that week. I need that week just for cooking! 
I love making felt plushies for the girl's birthdays. I wasn't too fond of the ones I did of Tinkerbell. I was glad Rapunzel turned out better. Emmalee wanted to play with it, so I had to hide it since August. Since she finally got to have her doll, she has slept with both Rapunzel and Pascal these past two days. It was fun watching Kaylee spin Rapunzel from her hair. A shout out for my friend Lyndsay who provided for the better quality felt that was put to good use. 

I really loved being able to make use of my paints and brushes. I really loved that castle with lanterns painting I found online. I even saved it for the girls room. I also made the Pascal blowers on the Disney Family website.
It is a shame I couldn't picture the braided pizzas I did for the food. At least I got a pic of the snacks in skillets. 

My brother made these signs of the girls in wanted posters. 
I was so happy Emmalee wanted to use her Rapunzel hair and dress. She looked so pretty. Her Nana (greatgrandmother) made the dresses and got me the yarn for the hair. 
Miss Kaylee was the version of Rapunzel post-hair cut. She, on the other hand, only wore the dress for about 15 minutes when she started complaining and asking to be changed.
This girl right here, the very loved Tia Sara, deserves a special mention. This wonderful Aunt came to help mommy and daddy on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We would have not had such smooth sailing without her. 
Blessed with friends and family. Special thanks to my husband, my Honey, for helping out with the heavy lifting, guarding the jumping castle, and taking care of the girls while mommy cooked or baked.
If you used my props and photoshoot castle, I love you deeply. 
In the last picture you can see Tito and Tia Sara with one of the lanterns. Special thanks to Tio Tito for letting us use his house for the party for the second time this year. He also helped me put up all the decorations just the two of us. I could have not made it without him.

We threw three floating lanterns to lift our thanks to the Lord in the skies for Emmalee's three years. Each lantern represented one of the three things we are praying for her this year: obedience, kindness, and health.

Special thanks to:
Grandma Martha and Grandpa Rodolfo for the linens, the pizza sauce, and with Tio Kris and Tio Javier helping us dismount and pack everything. 
Tio George and Tia Marilyn for the chairs and tables. We missed you terribly. 
Grandma Linda for Emmalee's prosthetic tooth that looks wonderful. Oh, how we hoped you could have come. 
Grandpa Edgardo for the beverages. 
Everyone who is part of our lives and celebrates along with us the joy and beauty of Emmalee's life. Thanks for the wonderful gifts.
Thank you, Lord Jesus, for your wonderful mercies and blessings with us. We love you!