Dear Emmalee/ 1 Month

Dear Emmalee,

You turned one month already this past thursday.
I can't believe one month has passed since you were moving inside of me, though getting you to move was sometimes hard. Daddy would be waken up really early each morning by anxious mommy asking him to help me feel you moving inside of me. All we desired was to know you were ok.
Now that you are here and I get to gaze into your eyes I find myself drying tears of joy almost daily.
Gratitude has had a huge impact in my life but I wanted more. I wanted to be giving thanks every minute of every day. With you here, that has been the easiest thing. I give God many thanks all day long; I still can't believe how blessed I am. I've been working in trusting you more to God and finally getting some sleep. Mommy checks on you at night alot and she needs to stop and sleep.
Being your mom has been the greatest adventure of my life so far and it's only started.
The hardest thing was getting to know your cries and what each of them represented.
My babywise book says I should let you cry more than I do, but it's hard and I don't like to.
So far the only hazzle you've given me and your dad is trying to get you not to suck on your hands.
Boy, do you get angry when we don't allow you to!
I love the noises you make. You make this "baaaa" sound like a little sheep that makes me and your dad laugh out loud. When you lock your eyes with mine I feel I don't need anything else in the world and my heart is satisfied and filled. I look at you and can't believe how extremely beautiful you are. It's not a mommy thing, it's a fact: you are truly beautiful.
When you are not in my arms and you're sleeping in your crib I feel I miss you. Your dad says I'm crazy but I do. Your grandma Linda demands pictures of you daily. You are constantly on her mind too. Guess I take on my mom alot. I've been telling you of the things you'll take on from those who love you, like kindness that you'll take on from your dad, your grandma Linda, and your aunt Mini.
Feeding time is my favorite time. You make the cutest faces when you're feeding and they are reserved only for me for only I get that point of view. Your mommy is a little jealous and has a hard time letting others, except dad, hold you for long. Your grandma Martha fights with me because of that. I just want you in my arms as much as possible before I go back to work.
I love you, my darling, I love you alot.

Thank You, God, for Emmalee's first month. Thank You alot!

The many faces of Miss Emmalee

 There I go with my hand to my mouth!

 Mommy's point of view of your eyes!


The finished Nursery

Here are some pics of the finished nursery.

It is the most relaxing room ever. I love rocking her there while I sing to her!
Thank you Lord for your immeasurable blessings!