Walk By Faith

For someone who claims having difficulty wholeheartedly having faith, taking steps in faith is vital for that believing growth. And that is what I've been doing.
I was in a job that, although it kept me away from home at least 11 or more hours a day (also taking driving time into account), it gave our family many benefits (health inssurance) and a good salary.
I had some of the best bosses I've ever had and made some good friends in the working place and learned alot. But time away from my baby girl was taking a toll in my heart.
A friend from church posted a vacancy in one of the country's most prestigious schools for a computer teacher graduated in computer sciences. I've worked as a teacher before and most know I'm very passionate about it, but I also knew teaching positions didn't pay as well as programming positions. I took a shot and sent in my CV and I gave them a salary expectation.  It was a lower number than my current salary, but the husband said with him getting a job we could be fine with my new salary.  He gave me his full support knowing I would get to spend more time at home and with Emmalee and I would be much happier working in something I love.
My salary expectation was accepted and I turned in my ressignation, finishing my duties in my previous job by the end of July.
And then disaster struck!
Two weeks ago my mother-in-law suffered from a stroke that left her with a temporal paralysis in half of her body and temporal speech impediment. Her stroke was very mild and, eventhough she recovered full body function and speech ability, was left feeble and with a long recovery ahead unabling her to care for Emmalee while we are at work.
So today we are left with a reduced salary and my husband having to stay as a caregiver untill he finishes college (which is pretty soon... Can I hear a hoooray? Hooray!!).
Tthe budget is tight and we are looking into ways to cut expenses to get to the end of the month. We knew this could happen and we still took the chance.
I am running numbers and making proyections to stretch my salary to the fullest, but I am also at peace. I have known Jehova Jireh, the Lord provides, firsthand and He has never been late to give us clothing, shelter, and food as He promised He would while also feeding the birds and clothing the flowers.
I am beyond myself with excitement for this new chapter in my life in this new job. It is a dream come true to be back teaching and doing what I love. And getting home at 3:30 p.m. to be with Emmalee instead of 10 min. to!!! Give me another hooray, please. Hooray!!
Did I mention the teacher's vacation schedule? Or the fact that in my next school year I'll be able to take Emmalee to school with me and drop her in the school's daycare?!

My husband has no regrets on letting me take this job. Just like me, he can only see blessing. Will it be hard? Yes! We don't know if we'll make it to the end of the month. We knew this and that is why it was a step of faith.
I believe and the Bible also teaches that when you base the decision in your life seeking first the Kingdom of Heaven and not the things of this world God will bless you. I know that while putting my family first and my time with my daughter teaching her life in the Word since a very young age I have God's full coverage and somehow He'll get us through.
I'm grateful He has put my mom and my in-laws in our lives to help us get through and our parents continue to be a huge blessing in our lives and in their grandaughter's life. We wouldn't get by without them.

Please join me in prayer for my motther-in-love's full recovery. We are inmensely grateful to the Lord for having spared her life and her body and allowed her to stay with us longer with her cognitive and physical abilities intact. Not everyone is that lucky, and while her medical bills have left in a pickle, they are unimportant as long as she is okay.  Pray that my family can overcome this economical challlenges. Pray that the Lord might use my in this important position of teaching for His glory.
I don't remember the last time I was so excited to go to work. The school is beautiful and the teaching  and administrative staff I've met so far are wonderful.