Dear Kaylee 19 months/ Dear Emmalee

Dear Kaylee,
I was feeling pretty tired yesterday. I am not going to sugar coat it; you kept me up. It was not your fault. You had been sick from your tummy. It must have been something you put in your mouth. Too bad you won't learn a lesson from it. You were actually scolded for drinking from the shower water last night. Anyway, mommy was feeling very tired yesterday and not in the mood to do much. Luckily for me, you pulled the box under the media center filled with toys and was thoroughly entertained with them by yourself. I was watching you and you totally melted my heart. You grabbed a toy butterfly and gave it such a tender hug, You then stared into its eyes, smiled, kissed its cheek, and resumed hugging it. The scene was the most tender thing I had ever seen. You then turned to look at me staring at you, and I hugged you hugging the butterfly. You then gave me the butterfly so that I would kiss it; and as I did, you kissed me. You see baby girl, mommy isn't very mushy mushy. Your big sister is a little more similar to me in that sense. But the warmth in my heart watching you filled me with love, strength, and happiness that this sleep deprived mommy needed. It was one of those moments you keep in your heart forever. You are my little Linus. Blankets don´t last folded when you are around. You have to grab them and drag them on the floor wherever you go. You are so maternal at such a young age. Your sister has started to play with baby dolls because you do. You cuddle your baby and say "shhhh" to mommy when you are sleeping your doll. I have so much to learn from your tenderness and mushy mushiness. Mommy wants to be like you. You are a cuddler. I love that you are cuddler. We are so lucky and blessed to have such a tender and loving baby girl. You have such a clear vocabulary for your age. Your favorite word is still no, even when you mean yes. You say please and thank you very clearly for your age. I am sorry you had a rough weekend. Even sick you were a great joy to be around, always playful. You are a little pampered, though.  You sometimes demand from us to carry you too much. It´s ok. You will hug us while we carry you and that makes it a little easier. Just don't cry as shrilly when we don't, please.

Dear Emmalee,
My sweet Emmalee. You are almost done with your terrible twos. I don't know how terrible they can get because you weren't so terrible. You did have your bottom spanked quite a lot. Mommy and daddy spank you because they love you. You see, baby girl, learning obedience is key in your good walk in life and your walk with the Lord. You did have your terrible twos days, but you were still a great joy to be around. I call you sweet because that is what mostly characterizes you. You could say you had a sweet terrible twos. I love your sweetness in the little things. Yesterday I was clipping your toe nails, and you hate getting your nails clipped. When I was done, though, you hugged me and said in my ear: "Thank you for clipping my nails, mommy." It was something you don't like to have done, and you still had the maturity to be grateful for it. You do this often. My sweet girl, I learn so much from you. Mommy was trying to do some fondant flowers for your upcoming birthday, but you kept eating them. So you also have a sweet tooth. Mommy loves to carry some fruit gummies in her purse at all times to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours. Mommy has learned to be honest with you. You see, mommy sometimes lies to you. She thought it was ok because they were white lies, but you have taught me to be upfront in everything. When mommy gives you a gummy, she says: "You are only getting two pieces." But when the two pieces were eaten you would ask for more. Mommy would then lie saying "There aren't anymore left." To which, the second time I did it, you demanded to see the empty bag. So now I am teaching you that two means two, and you taught me not to tell white lies. I am sorry I was short on patience last weekend. I was sleep deprived, but that is no excuse. You also had a tummy ache, but you were such a trooper. Thank you for being so amazing. You are on your way to being potty trained, but it is still an ongoing process. I have no rush. I love to watch you learn at your own pace. You have smarts beyond your age. You don´t like staying in the nursery at church. Last Sunday you did because they were coloring. You made your first craft. You could tell you were so proud of your work. You should, it was so well done.

I love you my girls. I love every moment we spend together. When I am away at work, my heart is longing to be with you. I love how you both love to pray with me. Thank you for keeping mommy company when she prays for everyone in the family. Thank you for your willingness to skype with grandma Linda and Aunt Lilly.Thank you for learning to share and play together. Thank you for taking care of each other. I give thanks to our Lord everyday for your lives and our lives together.
Sincerely yours forever,