Dear Kaylee 11 months

My dearest Kaylee, 
I apologize for not writing more letters. Mom will definitely look into that. 
My sweet baby, I can tell from your early age that you are going to be "cariñosa." There is no satisfying translation of the word in English, so I will leave it in Spanish. You love to hug and kiss. I love how when mommy is around almost no one can take your attention from me. Mommy has never felt so important. Grandpa Rodolfo use to be that for your sister. You are such a smart girl. You gave your first steps before daddy's 27th birthday just as we had predicted you would. You were 9 months old. The curious thing was that you needed to learn to walk to master crawling, and now you prefer crawling to walking when you were so adamant in learning to walk before crawling. It took mommy to get on all fours with you to teach you to crawl. I am not going to lie, baby girl, but you had a funny crawl. There are video evidence to show you when you're older. Your first word was mommy when you were around 7 months. You later learned to say daddy after daddy constantly trying to get you say it. However, your favorite and most said word is "kiki" which means Mickey. At first I though you were imitating your big sister who had a huge Mickey Mouse phase at the time. The funny thing was when you'd wake up and point at the tv and exclaim "kiki." You definitely knew what you were saying, you smarty pants! Your funniest word is "No." It is funny because you say it in a British accent. It is probably all that Peppa Pig and Pocoyo we watch together. You do the silliest things, like try to bite mommy's belly or cheeks. You are the cutest at playing hide and seek. When mommy asks "Where is Kaylee?" , you hide and pop out exclaiming "Ahi ta!" ("There she is" in slang Spanish). It is adorable. You have been a light sleeper, mainly because mommy spolied you and lets you sleep with her too much. Poor daddy sometimes loses his patience when you won't sleep on your own. I explain to him that your high maintenance is due to teething. We blame everything on teething. You have three tooths and a half. The fourth is starting to show. Those two front teeth have taken forever to finally pop out. You gave us quite a scare a couple of weeks ago. You were waking constantly and when mommy when to check on you you had a really high fever. You had never had high fevers before. Mommy gave you a bath and medicine and nothing was working. We were about to go running to the ER when sweet Aunt Adina let us know what to do and how to help you. Mommy was glad it was a weekend and I could spend ithe day caring for you. Mommy works during the day and gets back at home at 3pm. You always brighten up when you see me. You have no idea how I wish I could spend my whole day with you. You and your sister have a love-hate relationship. You love to be together, but you fight for toys and parent's attention. You are caring of each other and that fills my heart so much. You are the perfect eater. Feeding time with you is so breezy and fun. Your sister would torture us trying to feed her. You just open wide and say "AMMMM" with every bite. You are not a picky eater and you eat so healthy. You are 11 months and mommy still manages to breastfeed you once or twice a day. You don't know how happy I am for that. Oh, my blue-grey eyed wonder, how thinking of you makes me smile! You seem more beautiful with each passing day. I love you so much. Just this morning you woke up when I was trying to sneak out of the room to go to work. Your uncles were still getting ready, so we had some alone time. I was holding you in my arms and you laid in my chest, and I was praying for your life worshiping God for how perfectly and wonderfully you were made. I love how you and your sister bring me closer to God. You have filled my life with gratitude and joy. I love you, my darling; I carry you with me. I carry you in my heart.

Joy of my life!

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