Don't be without hope

Oh grattitude monday,
Today you are tough one. Being so, I will cherish you the more. Mainly because in the midst of it all, I have truly learned to see my Heavenly Father's hand and His unending love. No, I have not yet mastered my attitudes and emotions, not yet mastered honest trusting, and not yet mastered rest in You. So I continue to cherish you, grattitude, for you show me this short comings and get me excited of learning a little more these masters the Holy Spirit is making me course.

I haven't been sleeping well; I am unable to relax. The situations my family have been going through for quite some time have taken its toll on our spirits. The tears and prayers have been countless. The glimpses of light have been shortlived. The impotence and helplessness remains. Tensed as a cable wire, I discharged my electricity (emotions) on dearest husband. In a humanistic approach, I tell him he must understand that I am going through some stuff that brings me down and puts me in a foul state. He must not take my rantings personal and must withstand them in love (right). So now, not only am I not honoring him, but it's his fault he gets upset because he is "not understanding." Thankfully, I did less damage than I usually do, controlled my mouth a itsy little better, and snapped out of it quicker. Saturday morning, the hubby left to give a tutoring. It was the night before and that morning that I had been really down. He kisses my forehead ever so sweetly and tells me he'll try to be more understanding when he comes back (seriously, jewel of a husband!!). No, hard times are no excuse to misbehave. They are no excuse for miscaring my husband. Yes, I want to cry in bed all day and be depressed and moppy. No, I must not indulge this sinful ways. So I decide to clean up, dress up, put make-up on, do my hair and look nice for the hubby, do the house, make lunch, and receive him looking bright and happy for his return and ready to serve him. Wow, what a difference it makes choosing God's ways over your ways. I was even able to let go of my stress, worrying, sadness and distraught, and serve him joyfully. The rest of the weekend went much different and we were able to enjoy it together.

Hardship is everywhere, all around us. A dear mother lost her child after four hopeful months in the hospital with him. If I think this grattitude monday is tough for me, I can't even begin to understand what it means to her. And yet, she is grateful. Grateful of the support she got not mainly from her family, but from her church. She is from a small town an hour and a half away from the city. She had to leave her three other children behind under the care of brothers and sisters in Christ while she spend those hard months beside her youngest bedside. All her church showed up to support her and acompany her.To think that she has things for which to be grateful breaks my own heart. You are ALWAYS, ALWAYS able to give thanks to God. I remember when I read Franklin Graham's Rebel Without a Cause I would cry on almost every chapter. I remember this story of a town on a snowy mountain (I think it was in Russia) that were poor and starving. I don't remember if they were escaping a war or something, I read the book a decade ago. What I remember of the story is these people were freezing and starving. Graham described how hard it was to reach this town and how the closer he got the colder it got. And when he reached the top, he found the people sitting close together for warmth covered in carton boxes and singing praises to the Lord. And alot of the chapters of the book told similar stories of wonderful grattitude in the hardest of situations.

Have you noticed how those who have less are more grateful to God than those who have alot? That again breaks my heart and it's why again I cherish grattitude. It breaks this heart of stone of mine! It opens my eyes to turn my gaze to God always, always. "For we are not without hope" the wise Bible tells us.

Linda, don't be without hope! Practice grattitude instead:

*277 the Holy Spirit continuous teachings in and to my heart
*278 December is here. No Grinchs allowed, christmas is beautiful. Time to share and love!
*279 It's spelled CHRISTmas, get it right! It's a beautiful season because of CHRIST! lol
*280 beautiful daughters and friends. They pray for me, they pray with me, I pray for them, it's prayer time!
*281 one-of-a-kind husband! Boy, I am a lucky, lucky girl
*282 4 days for my mom and sis to come. Thursday come quickly!
*283 a nice christmas lunch in the office.
*284 money shortcomings that make us focus on the Lord instead of the consumism of the season. It also makes us trust Him. :S
*285 the hubby's hard work and studying. Please help him, Lord, in this final exams week.
*286 a wonderful sunday shared with long-time-no-see friends (i've had so many of those lately, I'm loving it)
*287 long calls with Pit. I can always share my heart with her and the distance makes no difference. She gets me!
*288 a diet paying off (my pants fit!)
*289 a mildly warm december (i'm loving it, the hubby not so much :P)
*290 my mother-in-law finally home and out of the hospital
*291 my sin ever before me bringing me to my knees before my God making me dependant of Him
*292 lunch time shared only with Vany bringing us a lil closer.
*293 no inhaler in my gym class but being able to control the asma attack without it. (and being thouroughly scolded by everyone for not buying a new one u_u)
*294 a nice movie date with the hubby (it was a chick flick... he loves me)
*295 make-up helping my tired look to greet my hubby.
*296 being shown by the Spirit to look presentable and bright just for the hubby
*297 a very brotherly hug from my dear Kevin
*298 the lovely christmas candles my secret friend at the office gave me. They look lovely in my house and say: Love, Peace, Hope (all the ingredients I need)

Wish I had a closer look of my candles for you to see them. 

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