DIY Fabulous Rocking chair for nursery plus Over the Rainbow video!

As you all may know, I'm a lover of all things DIY. 
It had been a dream of mine to do a DIY project with the hubby and it finally came true. 
I had pinned this chair transformation since I had a similar glidder, but I really like my traditional country looking glidder, so we decided to restore it. 

Here is our first DIY project together:

 This is with what we started off. 
My Aunt had bought this old glidder at the market and never got around to restoring it. 

I'm tackling my very first sewing project, Crossing fingers it goes well. 

The top pillow turned out great!

 The hubs is so meticulous he took the glidder apart and cleaned every single piece. 

 This is what it looked like. The hubs sanded by hand every piece for two days!!!!

Here's a side view of the old thing.

And here it is after paint and back together

And this is how it looks with the new pillows I made.

Doesn't it look beautiful??!!!

As you can guess, I'm overjoyed!!!! :)
And I thought I'd try it out and do some baby rocking while singing some lullaby!
Please don't be harsh on me.
Here is a video of me singing Over the Rainbow on my new rocking chair! Oh the songs I'll sing to my daughter! I might feel encouraged to post the lullaby I created! We'll see :) 

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