Your bounties are too much!

I've been dying to write a thank you post this week but since I took wonderful, blessed vacations this past weekend, I had my work load to come back to.

We are so, so blessed. The Lord's bounties and mercies for us are truly unmeasurable and completely undeserved.His provision is beyond our understanding and we are truly grateful.
We were able to take a small vacation to the north coast of our lovely country, Some of you have been asking for pregnant pics of me, so here are some pics of the trip and my belly.

 On the road for the first time on our car. 
It's was quite a comfy ride
 After our first meal at the resort. 
How much of that belly is Emmalee then, I wonder :P
 The camera always got blurry because of the weather.
How cute are my maternity clothes gifted from my mom?

 Love his smile :)
 There you go: my belly at 6 1/2 months

 Truly blessed with a wondruous husband!
Honduras is beautiful

It was truly a wonderful time. 
I took advantage of the pools to do alot of workout without the swelling on my ankles because of the weight.
I was actually very well behaved and filled 3/4 of my plate with salad, and 3/4 of my dessert plate with fruit. And I stilled enjoyed the food alot; just not as much as the hubs. I'm very grateful he didn't get sick (I have him used to less meaty meals and less quantity. He enjoyed desserts very much). We had perfect weather. Also very grateful I was awake during the whole trip and didn't leave the hubs on the road alone. It was truly marvelous to have time to ourselves and have endless talks. Grateful for the wonderful health I enjoyed the whole trip; I even got to play beach volleyball after some begging for permision from the hubs. We were even blessed with the opportunity to share time with the hub's family in SPS and enjoy a lovely lunch with them. 

I can't express how grateful I am for my birthday as well. It's curious who is the one who loves you at different times in your life. When I was a little girl, I celebrated with mainly family. When I was a teenager, I celebrated mainly with the youth church. This year I celebrated with my coworkers who took me to my favorite restaurant in town: My sweet Marcela's Central Perk (It's a sushi and pizza place my friend opened in Honduras taking advantage the Friend's coffee shop named wasn't taken). The pizza and sushi were superb as always. The hubs was extra special even having a bouquet of flowers delivered to my office. 

*507 a perfect trip to la Ceiba with the hubs. Thank you deeply Lord
*508 a wonderful birthday with my husband and coworkers.
*509 I was able to attend Bible group because they moved it to Thursday. It was a truly blessed time with tons of sharing from the book of Acts that left us all very challenged to be more like the Christians of that time. 
*510 wonderful health during my trip. 
*511 still no stretch marks! Lets keep hoping it stays that way. I don't have the best skin. :S
*512 Me and Meli turning 27!!! :O!!! 27! Lovely time with her on her birthday and an on hold b-day celebration for mine
*513 Luis turning 10, Ditto turning 23 and Dad turning 61!!! :O (All my family except mom and hubs have bdays on September. Dear sis Pit is next :) )
*514 Luis bday chocolate cake turning out sooooo good. Doing one for dad today!
*515 Youth church and my dear brothers-in-law on camp, returning encouraged and challenged on their service and life for the Lord. 
*516 Having my job done on time despite the trip. Hooray!
*517 Finishing another nursery project. Post on them soon, soon! 
*518 Mom sending my bro's camera so I can take pic of my pregnancy progress and my nursery projects.
*519 Caroly and Pit helping us out financially by kindly selling some of our stuff on their garage sale. 

His bounties are truly too much! 
Love you, Lord. 

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