25 things you probably didn't know about me

I meant to write gratitude monday but left the computer at the office when I left in a hurry. So many things that are changing and so much to be grateful for I can't miss this week.
But before that, I'd thought I'd do a whimsical post on 25 quirks of mine you might not know and it will be fun for me to read in the future and see if I have changed.

25 things you probably didn't know about me. 
1. You drink coffee for the energy. I drink coffee to help with bowel movement (Embarrassing but true)
2. I can re-watch all seasons of the Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, and Friends, but as much as I'm a huge Grey's Anatomy's fan, I will not rewatch an old season.
3. Grey's Anatomy is the only series I watch on TV every Monday on Sony. If I watch other TV series, I do it online and I watch the whole season in one or two seatings (Not gonna be able to do that with Emmalee anymore.)
4. I enjoy DIY (not new) more with company (totally new). It could be that I'm finally placing more value on friendship and company instead of my inner control-freak and the thought of I-can-do-it-better-alone.
5. I will give a sneering look if you use the elevator to go up just one floor. The judgmental thoughts I'll give you if you use the elevator to go down one floor are far worst.
6. I would rather you (stranger) enter the elevator and stare at the floor uncomfortably along with me instead of trying to start conversation. Nerve wracking!
7. If the water in my shower could go any hotter, I'd boil myself before feeling any pain. I have burnt many showers seeking hotter water.
8. I have never condimented my meats or poultry with natural condiments. :S (Talk about hypocritical self-proclaimed organic lover)
9. I hate to eavesdrop. If you want to indirectly say something to me by trying to get me to eavesdrop on your conversation (and people actually do this), your action is moot.
10. Burger King's French Chicken King is still my favorite food since highschool (sans the fries)
11. I LOVE to read about the middle east. I can read about Muslims and Jews and their religion and customs and conflict all day long. (I even paused reading A Song of Fire and Ice to make more reading time for this.)
12. I prefer to work under pressure. It's stressful, I know, but I prefer it. It very rarely gets me in trouble and most likely gives me good results and thus I don't change my ways. Guess it's time to start.
13. I am extremely, EXTREMELY, jealous of morning persons. I wish I were one and in all these years I still feel the worst in the morning when I have to get out of bed and have a hard time getting up. (And in accordance with point 11, I'll wait til the last minute possible to wake up and get ready. Probably why I put make up and comb my hair in the car.)
14. I just recently learn to wear earrings and only use them because my husband likes them. If not, I don't think I'd wear them at all or even own some.
15. All the jewelry I own has been gifted, eventhough the people close to me know I don't consider them a great gift. My mom and mother-in-law never give up! They just keep believing in a fashionable me burried deep inside.
16. I can't fake excitement for a gift I really didn't like from my close ones. I'm so outspoken of the things I love that when what you give me is not one of them, I just can't fake it is. (I've tried, trust me.)
For instance, my husband knows he must never hire mariachis for me. Serenading rubs me the wrong way.
17. I can (do) wear my sneakers untill they just fall apart. Not interested in buying new ones and actually prefer using my old ones (if still possible) even if I have new ones.
18. Eventhough I am a computer science engineer, I have no crave for new technology whatsoever. I could still be using cds, dvds, simple phones, and boxed tvs for the rest of my life. Spend $300 on headphones? Never! New techonology is bonkers to me. The minute you buy it something new is out.
19. After three years of working in an office and having to dress formally every day, I'm still unable to use heels. I don't get use to them and my feet still suffer every afternoon when I get home. How do women get used to them? I envy them.
20. I have never ironed my clothes unless the creases are VERY noticeable. Unlike my husband who will never put on anything that is slightly creased (hence, the only reason I iron)
21. I dream every night and I remember alot of my dreams. I almost always dream I have super powers and/or I'm in a foreign war, alien invasion war, demon/supernatural war, a zombie war, or dinosaur attack. (I blame this on all the anime watching in my youth and Jurassic Park. Jurassic Park left a mark on me and I will probably cry in the real world while sleeping if I dream about dinosaurs.)
22. I routinely check if Emmalee is breathing while sleeping (you know that), but I sometimes check Rodol's breathing too.
23. I question your intellectual level if you dislike 9gag (the censored version).
24. I envy Paolo's nonchalant grammar naziing. I see the mistake and refrain from commenting (usually), but I secretly wish to rub it on your nose. :P  I'm a grammar snob.
25. My husband's and my favorite song right now is "Thrift Shop". (And we hear it with Emmalee in the car and she digs it.... Please don't judge me.)

And now the wonderful and surprising gratitude list:
*586 My mom comes to Honduras tomorrow!!! Can today go faster please???
*587 I'm changing jobs!!! I'll be a Math and Computer teacher for Del Campo school starting this August.
*588 My current bosses took my departing very well. Some of them even commended me for chosing a job that will give me more time with Emmalee. They even agreed to give me severance pay.
*589 Hearing my bosses all tell me I was a valuable asset to their company and they were very satisfied with my work.
*590 My bosses telling me I have a job in their company if I ever need employment.
*591 Steps taken in faith as my new job has a pay cut from my current job.
*592 Rest in Jehove Jireh, the Lord provides!
*593 No more vaccines for Emmalee until she is one. No fever or reactions from her previous vaccines. We paid big bucks for her private vaccines (thank you, grandma) instead of using the free vaccines given by the government, and I don't regret that decision at all.
*594 Emmalee reaching all the milestones for her age and older milestones and reaching most of them ahead of time.
*595 Very, very grateful and humbled for a happy and healthy baby.
*596 Extremely grateful to wake every morning to a baby's cry and when I open the door to her room be greeted by a baby smile when she sees mommy.
*597 Grateful for awesome new friendships forming, like Gaby and Fer more in our lives!
*598 Loving all the time working out (REALLY hard) on our yard. It's taking form, but there is alot to do still. It's a great time together with the hubs and even with dandy danny. (Thank you, Danny V.!)
*599 We started a new tradition to walk the dogs and give Emmalee a stroller ride at the Villa Olimpica's parking lot every Sunday before Rodol's soccer game.
*600 The dogs first walk with a dog chain on. They were resisting it at first but it only took one trip around the parking lot for them to get the hang of it.
*600 Grateful for my brother's graduation! Congrats baby bro! I'm proud of you.
*601 Grateful the bro and his girlfriend are going to church on their own. His girlfriend is even going to baptism classes.
*602 Grateful for the wonderful girlfriend my brother has. Lia, I hope you join the family soon!
*603 Grateful for my sis' foreign papers in Panama finally being processed.
*604 Grateful for her understanding and loving boyfriend Rodrigo.
*605 Excited for the new opportunity to do what I love: Teaching.
*606 Grateful for the counsel of wise close friends in this new course.
*607 Grateful for a supportive husband that allows me to take this new path and that understands my time with my daughter is more important.
*608 Ten classes to go for the hubs to finish his engineering degree!
*609 A savvy mom being budget-smart by planning, preparing, and paying Emmalee's birthday since June. It will be legen... wait for it.... dary!!
*610 Amy came visiting from the US and spent some time with Emmalee. Plus she came bearing beautiful gifts for her niece. I had never heard Emmalee laugh so hard with new people before as she did with Amy and Andrea P.
*611 Dad is recovering from his sickness and is visiting more often.


  1. I can´t be more grateful with God for you. i love you so much!

    1. I love you too, my handsome husband!

  2. Buenos insights. Gracias, siempre puedo aprender algo nuevo. los apreciamos mucho.