Dear Emmalee/ 7 Months

Dear Emmalee

You turned 7 months the same day your parents celebrated their third wedding anniversary. We are so blessed to have you and can't believe it's already been 7 months. You are on your way climbing on things to get on your two feet. We think you'll be an early walker. You have mastered crawling to our delight and demise. You had your first fall falling off the bed a week ago. Mommy cried more than you did, but thankfully our bed is not very high. I won't take my eye off you for even a second again. You've had your first taste of discipline as well. It has given fruit because you are no longer fuzzing on the car seat. You actually had your first trip and, even after hours in the car, you were on your best behavior. You are such a joy to be around as always. The girls from the group and church are totally in love with you. And how wouldn't they? Your smile with your two little teeth and your giggles just bright everyone's day. This month you got to share some quality time with your grandmother who, as always, made you laugh like crazy. It is truly a joy for me to see you spend time with her. She loves you so much. Your grandma Martha had a health problem and her first concern was being able to care for you. We thank God that she is recovering and getting to enjoy your beautiful heart and delightful company. Your mommy will be changing jobs by the end of July so she'll get to spend more time with you. I'm so excited I'll get to have more time with you and see you learn new things. You are such a good eater. You tasted fruit for the first time. Mommy gave you pear puree. You made a funny face the first time you tried it and then you would open wide for more. So adorable. You are so loved, my darling. You have no idea. Can't wait to see what you'll do next.
I love you,

And I want to give thanks:
*612 Thank You for letting us enjoy my mom during her visit. 
*613 Thanks for the time together my mom and emmalee shared together.
*614 Thank You inmensely for guarding my mother-in-love's life. Thank You greatly for her recovery.
*615 The car was fixed.
*616 Thanks for out trip to SPS.
*617 Bless Jorge and Mariely and their new life together. 
*618 Thanks for the time shared with Rodol's family. 
*619 That the car didn't malfunction on the trip and we got back safe and sound.
*620 My garden got started with some nice herbs and flower bushes
*621 Our Third wedding anniversary. 

I love You, Lord

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