Emmalee's First Birthday!

Boy was I looking forward to this day. When I started planning this birthday I was not even pregnant and never did I thought I'd do the cooking for it with a huge belly. It's good that I got alot done with plenty of time. I'm also extremely grateful that I had Adina, Denisse, and Sara's help with the cooking. My girls had fun decorating the cookies. It was all of ours first time using icing on cookies. Getting it to get red was the hardest thing but Denisse did an awesome job. 

I loved the strawberry theme. It was just so much fun and so yummy!
The cupcakes are the traditional hershey perfect chocolate recipe that is just the perfect chocolate treat. I was very pleased with the online buttercream recipe I found. I felt it was a little too sugary and I added some caramel sauce to it that made it taste the way I wanted. My mother-in-law only had a small piping mouth and it was really tiring to do the piping for that many cupcakes.

Those topiaries where fun to make. I really like working with ribbon. It was alot faster to make than the paper topiaries I did for this baby shower.

Emmalee destroyed that cupcake stand so many times we were reconstructing it again minutes away from her birthday. I was glad I had Dela's help and she patched it up again. Unfortunately during the birthday it fell apart and dropped some cupcakes. Good thing we had more than enough. 

Our amateurness is very visible on the cookies but they were very tasty and fun looking. I think we could have done a better job with them but we were so beat from making so many baked goods that we just made them as fast as possible to be done.

Adina was such a champ chocolate coating those red velvet pops. I used cream cheese frosting with the red velvet cake to make the pops. The chocolate was semi sweet giving it a great balance. I loved them. I thought they would be more for the adults, but the kids enjoyed it just as much. I had fun watching the chocolate covered faces of my dear friend Marcela's twin girls.

Strawberry milkshakes were for the kids but the adults took advantage of the remainding ones. It was fun to see Tito drinking one from such a girly container.

This cake is the duncan hines angel strawberry bavarian recipe. Its frosting is whipped frosting with strawberry gelatin. I was very scared of this frosting. It tasted too sweet for me but I made all my helping chefs taste it and they all gave me the green light. My fears that people would like it or not were dissipated when my brother-in-law Javier, one of the toughest men to please, told me he loved it. He doesn't say that unless he means it. 

I loved how the banner looked. 

The centerpieces were small and simple. A basket filled with paper strawberries with a chocolate inside. Thank God that chocolate was enough to prevent the wind from blowing them away.

 I made the strawberry bags in June. The little girls looked so pretty with their strawberry bags carrying them like purses. 

This cutie pie enjoyed her first free pass to sweets. Mom has been very restrictive with sugar.. 

I love her green shoes!

Of course mommy blew the candle, but she was so into it!

And in Honduras, the piƱata can't miss! 

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