Peppa Pig Birthday for Emmalee's two years

Before I share to you Emmalee's birthday, let me open with a cinquain inspired by Kaylee's feet. 

baby feet
tiny and sweet
Feel like taking a

It is poetry week in my seventh grade English class, and we were writing cinquains yesterday. 

Boy! Did I enjoy this birhday! Usually, I am always running late putting up decorations when guest are already arriving, and the girls and I are not even dressed. Most of the time I end up without make up on. I think the practice  and skill I've acquired from having my own bakery business had a lot to do with the organization and order everything had this time. I even had time to get ready calmly and go out for lunch with my mother before the event. 

I was absolutely in love with this theme. It is just so gorgeous. Now, I did not choose it. That was the fun of it. My daughter just went Peppa crazy. Having her have likes and dislikes made this birthday a lot different. I loved making something for the birthday and watch her light up when she saw me finish something and yell "Peppa!!!"

I totally loved the way the dessert table looked. The reason I loved this theme is that it ended up not being monotonous and very colorful.

The cake turned out adorable. I took a whole day to make it. It turned out better than I expected. It was a total hit.

But it was a hit mainly with the birthday girl and isn't that what you want from the brithday cake?

I love the favors and goodie bags. I was sad I had finished all the crafts for the birthday so I decided to throw in that personalized Peppa can to hold the fans that are also a whistle.

This were hand made to make the bags pop.

The cake pops are yellow "Wellington boots" that Peppa uses to jump in muddy puddles. 

The cupcakes where planned to have the Peppa and George characters done in white chocolate, but the government decided to cut out the electricity all day and I had to improvise.

But I loved how they turned out made out of fondant. They look fun.

The muddy puddles were chocolate pudding. There were a bigger hit than I thought they would. I had some wiggly gummie worms there that complemented my muddy puddles. 

A plain strawberry jelly turned into a conversation piece. 

I always like to include some healthy choice, specially since I had many lactating moms that need dairy free foods. 

The thing I loved most of this handmade banner was watching Emmalee go near it and start naming the characters she recognized. 

I love the simple-to-make and great looking backdrop. Some cloud poms and drops brought it to another level.

I was not planning on this intricate centerpieces. I found the pattern for the Peppa and George on pinterest and I really wanted to make them. I was going to have them sit on the table with a balloon in hand. I had a lot of Huggies boxes lying around (with two babies), and I recycled them into those lovely looking trees and fence and apples. Only the leaves and the grass did not come from the box. I love repurposing!

This is the Peppa on its own. I love her Teddy and Mr. Dinosaur on George also. 

The pattern was the same, but for some reason the Georges ended up looking chubbier.

This photoshoot backdrop was initially planned to have the characters faces with wholes to put your face in; but when I made the characters, I couldn't cut their good looking faces. 
The best thing of this birthday was having my mom there. And look at that great looking grandmother of two. Isn't she gorgeous? She used that photoshoot well.

I was not planning on making the piñata; but when I went to purchase the piñata, I didn't like the way the Peppas looked. They didn't look like Peppa, but they looked like any pig. The piñatas that did look like Peppa were way too pricey. I found a tutorial on pinterest to make the piñata and decided to go for it, three days before the birthday. I made it so fast that I was afraid I was going to hang it and the weight of the candies was going to rip the piñata apart. I could not be more mistaken. The piñata was so stutdy that grown ups had a hard time breaking it. 

It was all worth it to see that little one enjoy it so much. She even helped in making the piñata. It was messy so it was appealing to her. I was afraid she would feel bad beating Peppa with a stick. She had a problem initially and only hit Peppa three times. After she saw other kids beating her, she wanted another go. LOL.

We had a wonderful time. We love that girl like crazy.

We also loved having Aunt Lilly at the birthday. She and my mom live in Panama City. Aunt Lilly was a complete hit with my daughters. It was her first time meeting Kaylee. She was awesome and spent all the birthday with her. Emmalee kept asking for her Tia Lilly when she went back. She has a philosophy when taking pictures with babies. After trying to take a picture of Kaylee with her fingers out of her mouth, she decided that if you couldn't beat them, join them.

And the birthday was a great time to make friends. Here we see Kaylee and my highschool best friend's son Daniel. How wonderful to remain friends after so many years and have our children be friends.

The best friends life could give me!

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