Kaylee's Tinkerbell First Birthday

As I started planning and making the decorations for Emmalee's upcoming third birthday, I realized I never shared Kaylee's first birthday, so here it is:

The girls were playing and eating cupcakes before the party. 

My really awesome, more-than-a-brother friend Tito opened the doors of his house with their gorgeous garden for the birthday party. It was perfect for a fairy enchanted theme. 
I made the backdrop using recycled old cardboard from an old bulletin board from school. And painting it with chalk was so fast and easy. It looked great. 
These have been my favorite cupcakes for a birthday to date. They were lemon cupcakes filled with lemon pie filling topped with italian meringue and some fondant roses. Great for a summer birthday. 
I am glad you can't tell by this picture, but because I do my daughters birthdays with months in advance, the girls broke this fairy tree several times. That is why there are so many flowers on the base to hide all the duck tape. 

I wanted the tinkerbell theme to be subtle, so I don't like having it be repetitive. That is why I did these simple butterflies for the girls' favors. 
The boys got pirate favor bags. I can't stress how much in love I am with my fruit pirate ship. I wish I could have embellished it more, but you can't premake it in advance. 
I kept the cake pops simple with a paper flower underneath. Loved using straws instead of cake pop sticks.
I saved that bee from the spelling bee bees from school. It eas just so cute. 
I liked the simple yet delicate birthday banner.
A fairy enchanted theme has to have plenty of flowers. To be budget friendly, I made them all out of paper, most of them from recycled paper from previous celebrations. I really enjoyed the different kinds of flowers you can make with paper. 

I made some simple felt tinks. I didn't like how these turned out, but my girls loved them and played with them until the felt came apart. lol
It was my first time doing this fondant technique and an ombre effect. I liked that the cake looked very enchanting. I tried to look for a toy tink to put as topper sith no luck. The printed cardboard one turned out alright. The Disney site even had one to print with the back side. 
the birthday girl used a felt flower crown, fairy wings, and a handmade tink dress made from a huge green shirt I found at walmart.
Those were Emmalee's green shoes from her first birthday. They were a little worn so I put a piece of felt on the front with the tink cotton balls. Those didn't last long as she pulled them out as soon as I put her down after this picture. Mommy went back and sew them on instead of gluing them. 

Daddy was on baby duty while mommy was setting up. 
Luckily I didn't have to make the piñata for this birthday.
Babies were not interested in a photo, only on the piñata.
Crown and wings lasted on just a little bit. :(
Happy baby!
Lovely friends and family!
happy birthday gorgeous!

Dear Kaylee, 
You are now 1 year and four months now. 
You still call me "papi" which really doesn't bother me. I hope you learn to call me mommy soon. 
Emmalee helps me out by repeating mommy when I ask you to say mommy. 
You are my little Tarzan. If it can be climbed, you will climb it: book shelves, tables, beds, stairs, toys, bicycles, anything!
I really have to keep a watchful eye with you. Your sister was not so devil-may-care. 
Your Aunt Lilly would be extatic with you as you are definitely a little dancer. Your Aunt would be teaching you ballet already if she lived in Honduras. 
You are very mysterious. I think it has to do with you not wanting your big sister to take whatever it is you are playing with. 
Augh, I can't emphasize enough how in love I am with you. From your funny dances, your outstretched arms when you see me, your kisses, your hipnotizing eyes, your funny hair, you laughter and your smile, everything about you leaves me breathless. 
You love to take baths, to go into the bathroom and grab all the things your parents have repeatedly told you not to grab, and to cuddle with mommy in the mornings. 
You are such a good eater. You are such a break in that area. You are sleeping through the night and have no health issues, which makes me infinitely grateful with our good Lord. 
Your saying right now is "a ver" when you want to see something on the ipad or my cell. 
I won't lie to you, you and your sister fight a lot still. 
But you also play so much. Emmalee loves hugging you and kissing you. She sometimes holds you too tight and you don't like it, but you are such a trooper for never crying when your sister's hugs are around your neck choking you.
Last night we were at the table having dinner and you embarassed your mom. Mommy started feeding you, and you turned away and instead said "amen." You reminded mommy of praying before eating. 
I pray you may always have a heart that puts the Lord first. 
Mommy, daddy, and Emmalee love you dearly. 

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