Funny moments part 1

One of the things I worry about while parenting is forgetting important things, you know, like what are Emmalee's funny words. My daughters do the craziest things and it seems to me their craziness will only continue to grow through the years. It will be too much for me to remember all.
Well, I want to document as much of it as I can.
Here are some of my daughters' funniest moments:

Emmalee and Kaylee playing lift off. So patient for such young girls. Even though Kaylee skips number nine and Emmalee corrects her, there is still a lift off.

Emmalee and Kaylee are climbing a chair.
Dad: Emmalee and Kaylee, you are always looking for danger.
Emmalee stares across the room and asks: Where is danger, daddy?

Emmalee's funny words:
tutota: pelota
saquetin: calcetin
ofipiscina: oficina

Emmalee feeding Kaylee.
Listen to the adorable "nom, nom, nom, nom" from Emmalee!

Rodolfo, Sara, and I talking in the car.
Sara: I bet when Emmalee and Kaylee are older Emmalee will rat Kaylee out and tell you Kaylee has a boyfriend. And then Kaylee will say her favorite word: No!
Kaylee in the back seat: NO!!!!!!

Emmalee eating pancakes:
Emmalee: That pancake is dirty.
Mommy: It's ok. It's toasted.
Emmalee: No, mommy, clean it.

Emmalee and Kaylee laughing from tickles from dad.

Daddy farted in bed.
Emmalee: Dad, did you poop?

Daddy speaking to mommy: We have never taught our girls our real names. They just know us as mommy and daddy.
(Turns towards Emmalee)
Daddy: Emmalee, daddy's name is Rodolfo.
Emmalee hides her face on my chest and gives an embarrassed laugh.

Quitel, quitel... I mean twinkle, twinkle Emmalee style.
She is closer to saying twinkle in this version, but the star looks like an ipad in the sky! XD

Emmalee and Kaylee are playing. Kaylee took Emmalee's toy away and Emmalee is about to hit her sister. Grandma Martha stops her in time.
Grandma Martha: Emmalee, why are you going to hit your sister? Are you her mommy?
Emmalee: No.
Minutes later....
Kaylee is crying because she was told repeatedly she can't go up the stairs.
Grandma Martha: Kaylee, you are misbehaving and I will have to give you discipline.
Emmalee comes out of nowhere.
Emmalee: Grandma, are you her mommy?

Yes, those are not their toothbrushes. They are mom and dad's. And yes, they were caught infraganti. 
You can't quite tell, but she is wearing a cape, thus the "Super Emmalee" (as she calls it) pose.
What do you think? Did she liked or disliked her ball pool? Maybe she is saying: It needs more balls, mommy!

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