Christian Ethics part 2

Today we study ethical values.
It is that which deals with it is morally right or wrong, but studied from Christian ethics. 
Biblical ethics because it is God Who speaks, the Creator, it must be accepted. 
God's Word is the one instrument He uses to accomplish His will. 
There is conservative Biblical ethics and liberal Biblical ethics. 
God has revealed Himself in scripture for you to know the nature of God, which is the purpose of scripture. From there you understand that He says in His Word that you must be perfect like He is perfect. From deduction, we conclude that lying is never justified from a Biblical standpoint because it is against God's nature. What is right is what is in accordance to the nature of God. 
In Liberal ethics you determine what is right and wrong through a process of induction of philosophy, history, religion, etc.+
Liberal ethics is autonomous, while Biblical ethics is heteronomous.
A physicist did not established the speed of light; he discovered it. 
When you think you can establish what is right or wrong you take the moral values of life out of revelation from Scripture and what you have done is said: "I am my own God."

When God says thou shall not commit adultery, you might think you can justify the act God has forbidden because it is done out of "love." Well, the Bible says that Love is the fulfillment of the law. You must love your neighbor as yourself and in committing these acts your aren't. 
The Christian in Biblical ethics is determined by God. 
Let us review the presuppositions: 
Man is a moral being. Man was created in the image of God with the ability to reason and feel. He has a moral nature that understands right and wrong. His conscience in him obligates him to do right (whatever is that you believe to be right, and this is not necessarily correct and it must be educated) and not wrong. We are free to do the things we choose. 
To be moral you must be free. 
Now what is sin? Sin means that you have refuse to conform to the will of God or transgression of the law as revealed in Scripture.
God speaks of sin as that what you do that you shouldn't do.
"Thou shalt not kill..."
The greatest sins a Christian does, however, is not what he shouldn't do that he does, but the things he should do that he doesn't.
"Love thy God with all thine heart, soul, and mind..."
Is not what you are outside, but what you are inside.
So why do people reject God?
Well, the purpose of Christian ethics is to conform to God's will. Basically, let him run your life and control you.
This is not appealing to man because we are wicked.
You see, when you preach accepting Christ as your Savior, you must include that this entails accepting Christ as your Lord.
People ask: Will he dictate what I wear, what I do, who I marry, how I make my money, how I spend my money, how I chose to live?
The answer is: Yes!
What is your goal?
If your goal is wealth, you will judge everything for wealth. You might cheat, you will take away the right time to your family, you won't give offerings to the Lord, you won't help the needy and widows...
God brought you to the world for the purpose of growing in character.
What about women? What is their goal?
Are you to fulfill your potential as a musician? Leave your home for a career?
The goal of a Christian is Christlikeness.

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