A Charlie Brown Christmas Fourth Birthday For Emmalee

This is a great post to change the mood around here a little. First I would like to let you know that I am doing much, much better. Part of my uncontrollable sadness was due to menopause. Now that I am being treated for it, I am feeling much better, better perspective, more energetic, and seeking the Lord with more motivation and joy.

Boy! Did I enjoy making this birthday!
A Charlie Brown Christmas has a very special place in my heart. 
We made a Christmas play out of it for school when I was in high school. I am still a little sore I didn't get to play Lucy as EVERYONE agreed I was a perfect Lucy. Nonetheless, it was a great time with my friends and my favorite teacher ever, Mr. Jaime Greene. 
I wish I had pictures of our play to show you. 
I also had a remake of the play with my own students back in 2008. That was 9 years ago! What??!!

When my girls fell in love with the new Peanuts movie, I knew I had to make a Snoopy birthday, and since Emmalee's birthday is in December we went for the Charlie Brown Christmas. I wanted the birthday to feel like a cozy Christmas dinner with friends, so we did it in my in-laws' living room. I loved making every detail of this birthday and reminiscing on my childhood days watching Peanuts.
These pictures are from Emmalee's fourth birthday December 17, 2016.
Hope you enjoy it.

Isn't that a cute dessert table?
How perfect is that tree from the movie? It even has the Linus blanket around.

Most people had a hard time reading Emmalee's name because of the peculiar "a", but I love it. 

This is one of the only pictures where you can appreciate the handmade Snoopy beside the cake. He was my favorite of the Snoopies I made and was glad my dad took it home with him. 

The happy birthday banner was simple and Peanuts-y.
Let me break down the dessert table for you.

This was meant to be Christmas tree brownies, but I overcooked it and they were a little hard. It didn't matter because people actually thought they were cookies.  

These were meant to be small Christmas trees, but the little fondant star that went on the top never hardened. They would have made all the difference, but no one cared because these where carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting on top.  

These snowman cake pops were a catastrophe. I took them out too early, set them near a window, and it was a very hot day. They fell out of their sticks. I wanted to throw them away, but my mom told me to just serve them like that. Poeple actually like the "melted" snowman look.

These where supposed to be frosted with white frosting. Silly me painted all the cream cheese frosting with light green. I added blue food coloring and just went with it. 

Whimsical krispy treats. 

The cake is red velvet with cream cheese frosting. It was cream cheese frosting galore. It bugs me to no end that Charlie Brown's ear broke when I was placing him. Sigh. 

But that snoopy is my crowning jewel. How adorable is he? And the little Woodstock? Perfection!

Here is another angle of the Emmalee banner (aren't those Peanuts characters gorgeous?) and of the cake. You can appreciate Sally and Peppermint Patty.

Side view of the dessert table. 

I didn't want that Lucy from the McDonald's kids meal toys. Then I saw a picture of her in an adorable Psychiatric booth and searched everywhere for her. A mom on Facebook was kind enough to bring it over. People loved my Snoopy jars. It took me forever to fold the green napkins into Christmas trees. 

I went a little overboard and had a little more time with being at home recovering, so I made the ornaments for the tiny Christmas tree. 

How cute are the favor bags? Plus, they were super easy to do.

I always make felt characters for the girls birthdays. They play with them until they fall apart. I was appalled when someone just took them without asking, all four of them and Woodstock. 

The paper comics cones were later filled with popcorn. Loved the idea.

Cozy up to watch the Peanuts movie with one of these.

More characters on the piano. A cute manger on the back.

These were the centerpieces homemade Snoopies. You can find many plushy templates on Pinterest. 

They each got a different colored scarf.

As always, this were gifted to guests.

Love those expressive eyes.

Some hanging balloons changed the feel of the dining room.

Completely in love with the Snoopy house. The girls still play in it. We recently used it during home school to reenact the Three Little Pigs story.  

My favorite photo booth to date. Andres, the cutest model, showing how it's done. It may have been a little to high. 

It was awesome to share this birthday with everyone who has been there for me during the hard season we've had. 
I was especially grateful and happy that my mom could be here in Honduras and be a part of the festivities. 

Here are some pictures of the party. 

My piƱata got wet, but it was still very cute.

Mommy and the birthday girl.

Kaylee finally agreed to a picture on the photo booth. Daddy is good convincing her, but he wasn't in front of the camera to make her smile.  

I love my gorgeous, smiling mom!

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