It's my birthday!!!!

I'm sorry I didn't write last monday, No excuses!
Today is my birthday!!!!
Sometimes some people, me especially, see birthdays as an ordinary day with no understanding of the fuzz of it all. Others wait with anticipation to celebrate theirs. I personallly try to disregard my birthday because I don't want to make it a day all about me where I am expecting other to do things and treat me a certain way. I don't see why this day should be different than any other. In total honesty, if I did expect any of the above, I ended up the day feeling dissapointed. By lowering my expectations and simply taking this day as any other, anything nice that comes my way is received with surprised and excitement; if nothing happens, I am not left with hurt feelings.
The problem with the view I developed for my birthday is that it also became the view of how I should regard other's birthdays too; and this in turn, makes me treat their birthdays as any other ordinary day.

The reason of my dissapointments with my birthdays to the point of wishing they didn't even happen at all comes from my parents divorce. Every birthday was a fight of whom would I spend it with? Would both of them be there? Would they get along? Most of my birthdays back then were a battle to try to bring either of my sibblings and I to a side: mom's or dad's. (I want to make a small parenthesis and say that my parents were very civilized divorcees who truly made an effort for our sake and spared us of the many displays I saw on other divorced couples. I am very grateful for their attitudes and decisions. Unfortunately, as much as they tried, you can't prevent divorce from hurting your children.)

I would rather have those September the 5th be any ordinary day than a battle of power.

Very few times does my birthday surprise me. This was definitely one of those times. But before I mention why, since it will be in my grattitude list, I want to share a little more.

I have never stopped to consider the gift of turning another year and celebrating my birthday. I have recently been thinking of why the fuzz since I am considering becoming a mommy very soon. A friend of my recently had baby twin girls. She had lost a baby boy before, and needless to say, we were all on edge the day of their birth. I came into the room to see two beautiful baby girls wrapped together in blankets with little hats on their heads sleeping in a bassinet. I turned to see the tired but smiling mother lying in bed and said to her: "They were not with us a day before and now they are here. Today we all met your daughters!" I get teary-eyed just remembering.

Wow, can you believe the effort, tension, stress, preocupation, anticipation, excitement your parents went through the day of your birth?

Now I can go further behind. Imagine the Creator designing you, forming you, breathing life into you, and sending you into your mommy's womb from where He chose you from the beginning of time!!! (Now I'm seriously crying!!) And with all the family issues I shared with you, He was wonderful and gracious to give me the parents and siblings I have. My mother is my hero more each day. My father is a good man that tries to reach out any way he can. My sister is my best friend and soul mate, and my brother would give his life for any of us in a heartbeat. Yes, I have much to celebrate. I love my family more than words can describe and they have blessed every birthday of mine by blessing every single year of my life.

If a birthday is no longer about me (which seriously when am I going to learn that nothing should), it is no ordinary day. Oh no, no, no! It will certainly not be an ordinary day the day I make my husband a father, the day the Lord makes me a mother!

Happy birthday, Mommy and Lord, to me! :D

*135 another year to learn, read, write, sing, hug, love, pray, and expect wonders from and with my heavenly Father and my wonderful loved ones.
*136 a weekend serving in church next to Eu, Jose, Ale, Jackie, Cesar, Tavo and Tavo Jr, my hubby and many more!
*137 a little time with Sarai!
*138 Hideeni. He takes my love letters to my darling sister Pit!
*139 A night spent in tears and prayer.
*140 Coming to You when I feel there is no hope and coming out hopeful.
*141 Great boss and coworkers (No, I'm not being sarcastic but I am not talking about the same boss of previous posts :P)
*142 A surprise salary raise!! Woohoo!
*143 A vacation confirmed for this week! Beach and sun here I come!
*144 An old-friends reunion that was a success.
*145 The reunion was my birthday party. I didn't think I would have such a turnout. Reuniting with long-time-no-see friends was too much!
*146 Grateful to see Danilo, Daniel, Mely and Johnny, Caroline, Dela, Tito, The Padgetts, Cesar, Denise, Dilly, Jose, Paolo, Adina and Rafa (soooooo much fun), Danny and Jens.
*147 The most unexpected gift by my husband! My mom has been trying to get that surprised and excited look from me all her life, jejejeje.
*148 A hard-working selfless husband.
*149 The game SPOONS (still rocks any bday!)
*150 a lovely lunch with coworkers.

I love You Jesus!!!!!

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