Don't Forget!

Jeremiah 20

9 But if I say, “I will not mention his word 
or speak anymore in his name,” 
his word is in my heart like a fire, 
a fire shut up in my bones. 
I am weary of holding it in; 
indeed, I cannot.

I always try to point out on my blog that this blog is not me trying to teach anyone anything.
I write because I love to write and I want to become better at it.
I write because I have much in my mind that usually comes out of my mouth, BUT when I put it on writing, my thoughts can be organized, scrutinized (by me, this is not an invitation!), corrected (yes, my thoughts are not all gems), directed (usually by scripture, God, or loving friends and family), and shared in an edited environment (oh, if we could rethink, reread, and edit what we say more often). You have no idea how many posts are stored on my blog but never published.

As I was saying, I do not mean to say what is right or not or convince you of anything. I do however wish with all my heart to be continually learning. I try to write down the things I've been and still am being taught and  thus my blog does teaches me. I've spoken of the beauty of journaling. To me it's like the altars Abraham used to erect whenever God had done something in his life. We see Abraham making many altars for what happened in specific situations and tell us it was for the purpose of remembering what God had done.
The striking thing about this is that the times for which Abraham made those altars is not easily forgotten; or is it?

We forget. When the clouds darken, the winds blow hard, and the light is dim, we forget it was once sunny, bright, and warm. We forget it WILL be sunny, bright, and warm once again. I forget. A LOT! I forget how loving and caring my husband is when we have an off day. I forget how serviceable and diligent he is when something didn't get done. I forget how patient and longsuffering he is with me when he (rarely) is angry or frustrated. I forget how God has never left us wanting when I see our bank account status. I forget to ponder and praise Him for His death and resurrection when I'm too busy and tired with travelings. I forget to meditate on how humbling it was for Him to be born with all the Holiday fuzz. I forget I must love Him with all my heart, mind, and strength when I am consumed by my everyday toils and I haven't given Him a thought. I forget the teachings about patience, prudence, modesty, goodness, longsuffering, joy in all situations, gratefulness for all things, love, and much more He took and takes me through.

As I read back a former post or curl in the sofa with one of my old journals, I am once again amazed of how good He is to me. How lucky I am to have God in my life and had been given purpose to live for His glory. What would have been of me had I not had Him? This I need to remind myself. Never forget you are nothing without Him!

Abraham's altars also had the purpose of reminding those around him what God had done in His life and even had done in their lives. God's works are the only thing you can show off. This is why I find peace when I hit the publish button. When someone tells me they could relate to something I posted, or they were encouraged from what I had been through and how it turned out, it's clear to me that it's God's work in my life that has the impact. Nothing about me or my life is encouraging or inspirational. Everything about God is! It maddens me to no end when a friend went to a Christian seminar and I ask: "How was it?" and he/she answers: "Good" and that's all he/she "shares."  When God's Word moves me, I want it to move you. If gratefulness is changing my life, I want it to bear fruit in yours too. If my mind is constantly thinking "Consider it pure joy when faced with many trials..", I want it on your mind too. If what God is doing in your life doesn't impact me, there is probably two reasons behind it:
1. You don't open up enough to really show what God is doing in you. (Probably too shy or proud to open up your life).
2. You aren't seeking Him.

Seriously, if you don't hear me talking to you of what God is doing in me, ask me how my relationship with Him is, because I'm most certainly not seeking Him (reason 1 will almost never apply to me. No surprise there!).

Remember His blessings and share them:
*427 a nice trip with my hubby and my brothers-in-law
*428 a trip to Honduras' biggest zoo. I had so much fun feeding carrots to the jiraffe "Big Boy"
*429 the hub's relatives lending us their house eventhough they were away. How kind of them
*430 a nice pool day
*431 movie night in SPS
*432 an exciting banana ride on the beach of Cortes. The banana was going so fast and was poorly inflated it turned over and dropped us three times. It took a lot of swimming and upper body strength to get untop of the banana again, but it was fun every time. These banana trips are a tradition with us and the hub's bros.
*433 a scrumptious sopa marinera (yes, I have no idea right now how to say that in English. What?)
*434 time with my hub's family, It's hard for me for they aren't Christians but it's part of my duties of honoring my husband to spend time with them. I was very lucky their niece Patty is into singing, so she and I were able to go apart on our own and do a little singing. I enjoyed my time with her very much.
*435 we saw... a comet???? We don't exactly know what it was. It was a green burning ball with a white tail that went across the sky really fast. We had debates on what it was and what each had seen. Some thought it was a flare, others thought is was a jet about to crash, and others speculated on aliens. It was a highlight of the night for sure.
*436 Fumoffu came home safe and sound.
This was the toughest part of the trip. We were anxious because my mom had been told in Mexico we would need a vet to get her out of the airport. Where on earth am I going to find a vet in an unknown city at 9 pm on Easter Thursday?!! It took three trips to the airport, money paid for all the papers (ouch), and a lot of praying to get her out. Luckily, the guys handling her papers where so desperate to go home and not miss the last bus, they released her pretty fast. I left the airport at 10-ish pm when I was told I'd probably be done at 1 am with luck.
*437 finally home to sleep in my good ol' bed. Home is not where the heart is; it's were you sleep more comfortably. There is another version to this saying. If you know it, know that I also completely agree. :P
*438 Sunday spent with my sister just the two of us. Best days!


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