The Unexpected

My husband very lovingly was teaching me a lesson on dealing with the unexpected.
The unexpected will hit you without notice.
You can't be prepared for it and, seeing how I am a control freak, it's hard for me to deal with.
The unexpected has striken our family.
Never did I imagine that in my first year of marriage I would be diagnosed with a life-long disease.
The unexpected hits us hardest on the financial department.
Being raised by a single mother, I would think I would have some experience fencing the unexpected.
I sure had my mother's example to learn from.
Lesson learnt during those unexpected years: God has never forsaken us.
It is the first thing I remind my mother when in struggle or she reminds me.
It has been pretty marked; His pressence that is.

My husbands first reminder to me is: "This too is within God's will."
For years I've been learning not to be fearful of the future; to put my trust in God.
I've been finding myself fearful of the unexpected a little too much and it's time to break the myths.
"What if I can't get pregnant? What if my kids are born even more unhealthy than me? Will we ever be able to have financial peace of mind? Will I be able to be a stay-at-home mom? Will I be healthy enough to give my husband a happy home?"
"He has never forsaken us," my mother tells me always.

A 24 year old mother of three with no labor experience must have had greater fears of the unexpected.
One thing that was not unexpected, it was planned by the Lord, He decided long ago in His perfect will: my mother. The true heroin and princess in my childhood stories. Maybe not a fairytale but a victorious love story. And her prince, our prince, was the center of our home: Jesus. And I want to have the opportunity to be just like her.
I've been thinking though, that if I were to be pregnant this year, it wouldn't be unexpected but it would certainly be challenging. My mother's example and my Savior's ever present hand gives me hope and they should also be making me brave.

I learned this week that the unexpected is two faced coin.
Take for instance my lovely weekend.
We spent the night at a friends car wash that has a pool table and trampoling playing and laughing with friends till 2 in the morning.
My brothers-in-law had an inflatable pool borrowed and we set it up on our backyard, at 2 in the morning when we got home. Spent the whole night playing video games. Had breakfast at 9am and spent the day at the small but refrehsing pool, eating pizza and laughing at everything.
It felt like being teenagers again, and we (the hubs and I) don't have many of those days.
Curiously enough, I didn't go to work on Monday morning feeling tired at all.
I even felt light-hearted about having to work during a week were everybody else is on vacation.
It was unplanned and unexpected (which I normally hate) and yet very enjoyable. My heart was happy and satisfied.

The unexpected hit us again last night. I received a call from mom saying that we have to travel to San Pedro Sula to pick up our dog Fumoffu from the airport. Fumoffu is our honduran dog that we took with us to Mexico. My mom is living in Panama City now and my brother will have to move to an apartment where dogs aren't allowed. Fumoffu is too much a part of the family to give her away so she is returning to her homeland until my brother finishes college and comes for her. My brother and she are inseparable. Fortunately, my mother got us my uncle's car borrowed and we will be traveling this week afterall! We weren't gonna travel for lack of car and now we'll get to change scenary! I'm so excited!
I really didn't want to stay home watching movies all week. God is so faithful!

It's a good lesson my husband was trying to teach me. The unexpected is unexpected. You can't prepare for it and you can't control it. It has it's purpose and it's in God's hands. He never forskaes us. Never!
There will be much unexpected heading our way. I'll still learn not to be afraid and trust. Today, my unexpected is making me smile; my unexpected is God.

*411 an amazing unexpected weekend with boys in my living room, water puddles all over the house, mess everywhere, unhealthy fast food, sleepless, sunburned, and happy as the heart can be.
*412 my mother's example and reminders.
*413 seeing my sister happy for her new job.
*414 my dad taking the first vacation with his family in a very, very long time.
*415 the hubby and I traveling this week!!!!! Maybe I'll get to go to the beach!
*416 my boss giving me Wednesday off. I had to work till 12 pm but my boss is gonna give me the day in exchange for last Saturday that I had to come to work.
*417 our car budget will be enough to get us what the Lord has instored for us.
*418 we were finally and with lots of sacrifice able to save our car budget, although it was not what I had hoped for.
*419 my father-in-law seeing his work pay off and start to lift off.
*420 fumoffu being added to our family. Hope Terry and Lanky get along with her.
*421 an understanding hubby that welcomes fumoffu to our home.
*422 better relationship with my coordinator. becoming friends at last.
*423 friends that visit and come for dinner. Loved having you Danny and Jenny!
*424 friends we had over last week: Johnny and Meli!
*425 a hubby willing to learn to understand his ineffable wife.
*426 adding more veggies, raw food, whole wheats, and fruits to our meals and the hubs enjoying them and eating them all. Yes, he is my little kid right now! :P

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