My Felt Nursery Projects

I've been thinking this over and over.
Ever since I knew I was having a baby, I've been planning her nursery. 
It's only 8 weeks till she arrives, so I'm getting everything done ASAP. 
However, I've been fearful of sharing more projects with you.

Why, you ask?
I hear stories of ladies that plan nurseries and come back home from the hospital empty-handed. 
Boy, just writing that down brought so many tears to my eyes, you don't even know how many! 
What if I get really excited to come back empty-handed?
What if all these projects will be for nothing? 

Oh boy! Linda!!! Where is your faith? 
As I mentioned in a post before, my husband asked me once who I was putting my trust in. 
And as you know, I answered that just because I trust God doesn't mean the empty-handed scenario could not be in His plans. 
I was told I needed to monitor the babies movements every two hours. 
As you may well have guessed, I've been losing my mind! 
We've had two runs to the doctor's because I didn't feel her move in a lapse of 5 hours just to find out she is perfectly fine. The doctor sternly asked me to stop crying wolf! 
I think it's perfectly normal to feel like you don't want to be overly excited, but the alternative (fear and expecting disappointment) doesn't show true hope. 
So, I'm getting over myself and my dumb ol' fears. I'm chosing hope, excitement, trust, joy, and peace that God is in control and there is a bunch of people praying constantly for Emmalee's well-being. 
Ánd in that spirit of breaking free of my fears, I share with ya'll my felt nursery projects. 

Animal mobile:
Boy was photographing this project hard. 
Here are the best shots. 
 In this one you get a good look at the turtle, the lamb and the hipo. 
 And in this one you get a good look of the elephant, the owl and a little bit the giraffe. There was no pic where you could make out the giraffe well. 
And here a shot at the complete mobile! 

Door wreath:

This one I made with some cloth pieces my husband's grandma graciously collected for me. It didn't have a sign originally, but I felt it was missing something.

Here's a closeup of the sign! 
I LOVE her name ^_^

Emmalee name piece:
No idea what to call this piece. It's a project to put infront of the changing station. 
 I just knew I had to do more projects with her name! It's adorable!
And I couldn't resist adding more giraffes to the nursery. One of my favorites!

Animal Bottle Holders:
By now you must know that I'm making an animal themed nursery. When making an animal themed anything, people tend to chose between jungle animals, farm animals, or forest animals. I'm sorry, not me! There is no way I was having lovely giraffes and hipos and no pigs! And I have plenty of turtles and frogs in the mix too. 

 I drew inspiration for these from a cow with similar design some dear friends gave me for my birthday. 
Since I have a cow-themed kitchen, the cow will not be in the nursery but happily holding my honey bottle. 
forest, jungle, farm? Who cares, they are lovely! 

ABC mantle:
So this one is not finished yet. I'm still working on the frame for the mantle, but here's a preview. It is not completely animal-themed and again I have no problem mixing farm, forest, and jungle animals either.

 It'll look better with the frame but I wanted to breakdown the alphabet mantle for you.
 a: alligator, b: butterfly, c:cat, d:duck, e:elephant
 f:frog, g:giraffe, h:hipo, i:igloo, j:jet, k:kite
l:lamb, m:mouse, n:nation (no brown felt for nest and I just couldn't find anything else to put for the n. I tried). o:owl, p:pig
q:queen (I know I made a crown, forgive me), r:rhino, s:seal, t:turtle, u:unicorn, 
v:valentines, w:worm, x:xylophone, y:yo-yo, z:zebra.

Well, I'm not a photographer but I tried to capture them as best as I could. 
I hope you like them. 
I draw inspiration of things I see in the web. Here is my pinterest link so you can see where I find projects and inspiration for proyects here.

I have more project I haven't posted! Hopefully my girls are coming this next weekend to finish the mural. I hope you enjoyed my DIY rocking chair project here

Please keep praying for Emmalee and that we may all have her with us soon!!!!!! 


  1. I love the mobile! :) How creative!

    I felt like I heard from God at about 6 weeks along and He told me "Your baby will be born" after a particular freak-out bout. So now I have no choice but to accept that, even if I think things are "off". And at 27+ weeks he or she is still doing well. But though I feel the Lord said, "Your baby will be born," there is no "he or she will be healthy, outlive you, be very intelligent," etc. guarantee. So I know exactly how you feel. It's hard to accept that our precious babies are largely out of our control! But regardless of outcome, which I'm sure will be fine, God is preparing your heart as you prepare your baby's room. No effort is ever wasted... Don't stall the good things for "what ifs".

    1. Ah, that was spoken as after my own heart. Thanks for your words, I felt you really understood me. And you're advice:
      " No effort is ever wasted... Don't stall the good things for 'what ifs'..." PRICELESS! Hope Europe is wonderful! Try bananas for the feet swelling! It works miracles!

  2. How exciting to see all your hard work!
    The crafts are lovely and I am excited to hear about this sweet one's arrival! I will be praying for health and safety as well as peace and rest for you.
    Blessings dear one!

    1. Prayers are much needed and even more appreciated! Thank you so much. btw, I'm still waiting for my reasons to homeschool 1-5 :P! Blessings!