Dear Emmalee/ 3 Months

I can't believe my daughter is already 3 months.
Each months seems like an eternity. Usually, when you are having a good time, time flies; and when you are having a bad time, time seems endless. I'm glad that time has been good to me and time has taken it's time passing by.
Those claiming life with babies is hard play life way to much on easy.
It's a challenge, but one you don't want to miss out on.

The hubs asked me out on a date. It's not that I'm scared of leaving her with someone. It's that I hate being apart from her when I'm at work that I don't want to give up time with her. But, the hubs is more important. You heard me! The hubs is more important.
This is a hard truth to grasp for me. Right now, I live and breathe for my daughter. Oops! maybe I need to add to this argument God is more important than both of them; but He is not being neglected. We've been searching for Him as a family more since Emmalee's birth. The point is I'm more focused on my daughter than on my husband and that is a big no no. The best thing I can do for my daughter's future is nurture my relationship with her father.

Tomorrow is Father's Day so I'll be sure to make something special. I'm thinking candlelight dinner?! I hope Emmalee sleeps early, though, because Grandma will be celebrating Grandpa so I can't leave her with them.

Dear Emmalee,
You are now three months!
Today was the first time you woke up but didn't cry to be fed. You just lay there on your crib making funny noises. When I stood up to check on you, you smiled and continue making your funny noises. That is one marvelous way to begin my day.
You are nursing more efficiently which makes mommy extra happy.
I love how you can tell I'm your mommy because you'll only seek me to nurse from.
You are such a kind little baby. You let everyone carry you and you don't fuss nor cry.
It's such a joy to go out with you because you are so well behaved.
You greet everyone with a big smile, even if you are just meeting them.
You are the apple of your grandfather's eye. Nothing will get you more talkative than seeing your grandfather Rodolfo.
I'm loving making things for you; and now that we have a more settled schedule, I'll be doing alot more.
Although you are so small, you like standing up on your feet (with a little help of course).
Mommy is loving all the new outfits that fit you and you happily let me change you over and over again as I figure out which new outfits fit and which ones don't.
You look so adorable with your little dresses. I can't wait for shoes to finally fit you.
My darling daughter, you fill my days with joy and laughter. I can't remember life without so much love inside of me.
I fear the fact that you are not mine and you are only a loan from God, but I am grateful God chose to give you to me. I will honor this blessing all the days of my life.
Your beauty still stuns me.
You are such a happy baby. Thank you for being you!
I forever love you!

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