Dear Emmale/ 5 Months

 Dear Emmalee, 
You are so perfect to me. 
You are such a kind baby. I know I've said that before but it's true. 
 I don't know your temper yet, but you are so pleasant to be around. 
You are giving mommy some big scares. I've found you twice sleeping on your tummy and one of those times you had your face stuck against the crib's bumper. You move all around your crib while you sleep, just like your Uncle Ditto. No pillows or stuffed animals in your crib anymore. 
You can sit down on your own! And when you hear music, you seem like you want to stand up and dance. 
The one that makes you laugh the most is your dad. He was on vacation this months so you guys spent alot of time together. 
Mommy bought you this gorgeous crocheted shoes from my friend Ally but you are such a difficult shoe wearer. You take them off over and over again. I had to modify them a little so it wouldn't be so easy for you to take them off. Sorry, mommy wants to see you in shoes or else you'll be like me who loves to walk barefoot and daddy hates it. I'm being more obedient to please him and to not give you a bad example. 
We bought you a stuffed dog that sings and teaches you the numbers, the abc, and the colors. You like him alot but mainly because of the songs and the lights that sparkle and to put his feet, hands, and ears on your mouth. You'll appreciate the educational value later on, hopefully. I know you will, no pressure. 
Baby you are so blessed with your daddy. He even takes the time to put together outfits for you that have matching headbands and shoes/socks. He plays a game with you that I call Jaws. He looks at you and makes the "ba dum" of the Jaws soundtrack while you look at him attentively, knowing he is going to do something. As he keeps making the "ba dum," you get brighter with this huge smile and when daddy burries his face on your belly you laugh out loud. The next time he does it you are laughing out loud at all the "ba dums." It's so precious to me to see you two together. It's a wonderful thing to watch, a daughter and father relationship. Cherish it, little one, not all babies have it. 
But you will always have your heavenly Father. I'll be excited to see that daughter/father relationship form as well.
I love you my beautiful!


  1. She is beautiful and truthfully, I think she looks just like... Emmalee.