Is it good? Is it bad? Does it cause you to dream big? Does it move you to discontent on finding it's only a dream?
I have found both questions to be true.
I love pinterest. I'm not a crazy pinner pinning everything she sees, but I like to scroll, search, and see other people's boards on many things. I don't like to pin something I don't intend on making. Pretty much everything I pin I put my hand at work.
But there is so much more I wish I could pin and I know I don't have the time.
And then I am tempted to pin "for the future" and this brings sadness to my heart.
What if that future never comes?
And I hate being peisimistic. Being optimistic has brought so much more.
However when I browse pinterest with an optimistic view I start listing all the things I want to learn to do:
Reupholster furniture, paint and stain wood, carpentry, sewing projects, gardening, baking, cooking, decorating, teachings, crafting.
I want to do it all.
You see, DIYing fills my heart with joy.
Putting my daughter's shoes on and seeing how gorgeous she looks on something I did just makes me smile.

I read a blog from a homemaker who dreams on having a homestead. I like her blog because of the healthy recipes she posts but more often than not I find her discontent on the fact that she desires a homestead so badly and she has to slowly build up from where she is. Even with all her disappointment of not being where she wants to, I see that she manages to get more and more done and come closer to her dream.

This makes me questions dreams. Some of your dreams won't come true. How will you cope with that? With a grateful heart? But more importantly, how far will you go to make your dreams happen? And this is where I tell this heart of mine to be still and wise and act with caution.

DIYing makes me extremely happy. It doesn't matter if it's 2 am in the morning and I'm still at work on my sewing machine and I have to get up early to go to work the next day. I am so happy doing a project I don't mind. But my body minds.
My body passes the check the next morning or the next week and my health is the on that's charged.
My family time is also charged with my love of DIYing.
Will I use the little time I have with my husband and daughter locked up in my craft room?  (Yes, feel free to be jealous; I have a craft room ^_^)
It all becomes a balancing act.
If Emmalee is asleep and the hubs has the need to play some FIFA on his PS3, then by all means use that time to enjoy some DIY, but otherwise, it's not the time.

I'm using a small example of "small" dreams that you pursue while you sacrifice another part of your life. Don't wait to have children because you want a bigger bank account or a your own house. Your fertility will not wait forever. Don't wait on getting married because you want to do this or that before. Do it with your husband!
A couple told us they didn't want to have kids yet because they wanted to travel first. Well, we already traveled with my daughter and we are planning on traveling again soon. And BTW, a baby's plane ticket is super cheap or no charge at all (depending on the plane company). I paid $33 for Emmalee on our flight to Panama.

And if yes, some dreams get put on hold or completely canceled, don't be discontent.
I see other women's blogs with their beautiful decorated houses or their gorgeous gardens or sewing projects. I think to myself: I could do that. But if I'm not doing it now at least be doing something that matters for eternity. At least be investing your dreams and energy and joy on things that matter to God like your family, your husband, your daughter, your neighbor, your friend in need, etc.

But I guess I would also tell my heart to no stop dreaming. Never stop trying, never stop pursuing, never stop learning and improving (always under God's will and guidance). To those that tell me they can't do the things I can I tell them I'm nothing especial. The difference between you and me is that I have tried to do it and succeed and you have never even tried.
Take joy on the little things. Take joy on how blessed you are to be alive and to know God.
I am thinking of doing some DIY posts on the blog but I don't want to forget why I started this blog.
It's not meant to be an "OOH! look at all the things I can make" or "see how creative and amazing I am." It's not meant to try to match the beautiful DIY blogs that has millions of readers. It's meant to record my life and what I learn from every breath I take and how I want with every breath give God glory.
And I must put DIYing under the scope and analyze what the Lord is trying to teach me with it: patience, contentment, wise use of my time, joy, hope and dreams, love.

My DIY is not perfect but is done with love.
Here are pics of Emmalee on her lovely DIY shoes (Seriously, baby shoes are so expensive and she'll wear them for two months tops. It's ridiculous. DIY is also good for the economy!)

And I got to decorate a baby shower with sweet friends (which makes DIY time so much better)

Yep, DIYing is fun! :)

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