Learning to see

Ecclesiastes 6

9 Better is the sight of the eyes than the wandering of desire.
This also is vanity and grasping for the wind.

8 The end of a thing is better than its beginning;
The patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.

9 Do not hasten in your spirit to be angry,
For anger rests in the bosom of fools.
10 Do not say,

“ Why were the former days better than these?”
For you do not inquire wisely concerning this.

12 For wisdom is a defense as money is a defense,
But the excellence of knowledge is that wisdom gives life to those who have it.

14 In the day of prosperity be joyful,
But in the day of adversity consider:
Surely God has appointed the one as well as the other,
So that man can find out nothing that will come after him.

Dear God,
So the time of suffering is more precious than the time of joy? How can this be? I was thinking a lot on these verses to try and interpret why Solomon would say that. Was it really that hard to figure out. Doesn't the whole world turn to God when disaster hits. Look at America; they deny Jesus and ban Him from schools, but come a hurricane and all the news are asking for prayers or "sending them prayers".

Dad, show me how to ha "sight of the eyes than the wandering of desire."
I love You

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