My mother

Dear Father,

U_U... I have failed to faithfully write my gratitude post in time. Nevertheless, I will seek to always write it. Today I dedicate my post of gratitude to the most wonderful woman in the world.

10* My mother
She has never failed me in keeping her word!
How many mothers can say that to their daughters?
I only hope one day I can.
She has done it alone, all the burden her own,
yet there's a smile on her face and
no, not once given up, though no husband by her side.
She has the softest hands in the world,
no other caress I more desire.
her fingers through my hair sends all sorrows away.
She is very frail, a pill for every day.
where, then, comes all this strength?
she barely ever rests!
She is called by her children Super mom
Indeed more super than Clark Kent!
For everyday she saves us, everyday she holds us.
She knows what is important,
by example and word taught us of He.
your life gives Him glory, taught me to honor Him.
She comes into your room at night for she senses you are awake
and she sings her three little piggies song
that no matter my age, never fails to make me dream.
Yes I dream to be that last piggie,
that helps his sweet mother,
I dream to be the one always by your side.
I dream to one day hold you,
one day give you rest.
I dream to bring you joy
and live the life you taught me;
the life I was shown through your hard work,
your kindness, your longsuffering,
your peace and joy.
A life that stood the storms,
your childhood, your family, your marriage,
and came out of the storm victorious and strong,
out of the storm praising her Lord,
out of the storm worthy to imitate.
I know no one like you,
no one who has stood so much,
no one who has hold so much,
and done it with your smile!
How grateful I am for the mother I was given.
How grateful I am for the Lord Who gives her strength
How grateful I am, to You, Oh Lord
for right now, you hold my mother.
You give her rest
and You made her the mother she is!
She forever changes me,
brings my eyes back to You.
All I'm left to say to You, Father
"Thank You for my mom!"


  1. this is a beautiful tribute to your mom. I had a mom like this as well. your love for her shines through each word. I felt a bit of your heart reading your words. I'm thankful for that. God bless and keep you this day Linda. God bless.

  2. Clark Kent wasn't a mom, but I get the analogy. Jeje, me hiciste recordar la canción de los cochinitos!