Hello 2012!!!

I wanted my first post of the year be a little different, but I also thought my end of the year would go differently. I remember I woke up last friday thinking: "I must prepare for the worst weekend and end of year of my life." Not very encouraging or hopeful! My sweet daughters Denise and Sarai had come for a sleepover on  thursday December 22nd and made this song. We were unable to record it but were able to do so today.

The lyrics speak of what my prayer has been this past month. Judging by my inspiring waking thought this past friday, I guess I wasn't really believing it. It's a good thing my God is faithful. This new year's was quite a surprise and a gift from Him. 

I got to see my dad and my aunts from his side of the family. Got to go with my sister to my grandparents house and spend some time with my mom and her family there. Got to take my mom to my in-laws and have a lovely time there. Went to pick daughters Denise and Sarai and son Kike (:P) and spend some time in my house (try all morning till 6:30 am!). And I thought I was not gonna do anything this new year's!

Times are hard, yet my loving God gives me days like this and family and friends like this. Hope you like our first daughters-mother collaborative song. Hope there are more to come. We were still in bed, just minutes after we woke up from a gruelling night  (our faces show how tired we are, especially mommy) , so please be nice! :). You can hear Rodol and Kike making noise in the living room :P

Can't wait for grattitude monday, although I'm already jumping with thanks right now!

Happy new year!

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