Hubby turned 24!

What a lovely weekend I enjoyed. My darling husband turned 24. Yes, you heard me correctly, 24. It actually sounds a lot better than 23. A couple of weeks ago I had to take him to the emergency room because of a strong stomachache. The nurse took him in while I gave the receptionist his information. "23?" said the recepctionist a little stunned. "Yes, 23," said I, a little blushing. "23?" she asked again to make sure.

My husband was 22 when we got married and I was 24. I'm currently 26 and so happy he turned 24. People always comment that we got married really young. I agree with that opinion of him but not of me. I wish I would have married younger and ,by this time, I wish I'd have 2 kids at least. I'm learning to live by my haunting verse: "Be still and know that I am God." The "be still" is one of the hardest things for me. 

However, I'm happy I married at the age I did because if my wish of marrying younger had come true, I'd probably wouldn't be married to my husband. Maybe the man who would have been my husband would have also been wonderful, but when the Bible says you can't know the work God is doing, the Word, as for usual, is correct. And you wonder why God says "no" to the desires of your heart but, if He wills, He shows you why. So this gratitude Monday I'm especially grateful to the Lord for His timing and my beautiful husband. 

My husband is a mix of young and old. He is very old fashioned being very chivalrous and a family man. He is kind and respectful, not prone to arguing or discussing, always seeking peace and harmony. He is patient and loving, always seeking to help and serve, early riser. He is decorous, clean and organized; he is so correct he won't run a red light. He is young-minded in his food habits (that I intend to change no matter what) and his pastimes (which I indulge with his new bday gift gadget). He pouts if his soccer game is canceled or his soccer team looses, and murmurs for everything. Being a burly man, it amuses me when he bellows his cries of pain when he gets hurt or sick like a little baby. 

I love that he is mine and I am his. I love how much I learn from him and how we realize how much we have to learn still and learning it together. And as we wait for our new stage as parents (if God wills), I've learn to be still and enjoy the blessings God has bestowed on me through my husband.

Holy moly, my last gratitude post was last year! Unacceptable! 

*319 my wonderful husband turning 24
*320 a wonderful time celebrating alongside close friends and family
*321 a lovely backyard transformation perfect for a night in communion
*322 Adina's always willing helping hand
*323 Adina not killing us on her car
*324 dreams and plans for this new year
*325 the hubby's playstation 3. No, I can't afford it, Yes, the Lord provided even for this!
*326 last-last weekend serving at church band with jenny and sarai
*327 the Lord teaching me to fear Him
*328 having had my mom here in Honduras for more than a month
*329 the hardships and trials that will test and perfect my siblings
*340 my mom's foot still in recovery
*341 many unknown paths for my family being amazing opportunities to follow God
*342 You teaching pit and ditto hardwork, appretiation, gratitude, maturity and adulthood.
*343 being able to have sister moments with pit more often
*344 having a garage that fits 6 cars or more.
*345 Terry and Lanky "behaving" during the birthday party
*346 my cooking being to everyone's liking, including hard-to-please Johnny
*347 delicious cheesecake I'm tempted to make again just for the two of us
*348 remembering I can't indulge a sweettooth because the hubby and I are doing a 30 day fitness challenge
*349 enjoying good health and a burst of unexpected strength
*350 back to the gym!
*351 having christian coworkers!
*352 taking a good decision when being tempted
*353 the dogs learning fetch

I could go on to make up for the countless things I should have been writing this past mondays, but the wonderful thing about doing this on monday is that it give monday a happy blessed feel instead of the just-started-another-grueling-week. :) And after making the list, I definitely begin the weak strong feeling so blessed and uplifted. 
Thank You Lord because it is because of your countless mercy and love.
Love ya!


  1. Hi there. I saw your [very sane!] comment on Lori's blog "Always Learning". Thank you for that perspective. I love it when women post gratitudes. I do that as well. I will follow your blog and I hope that you have a very blessed day indeed!

  2. RE: Your comment on my blog... ;-) I started following blogs via RSS because it was easier than Google Reader. So now yours is on my Reader feeds. Google is changing the "friend connect" thing and I'm not sure I want all my blog followings being posted on Google+, so I'm converting to RSS.