Prayer Friday

My darling daughter Adina has made this Prayer Friday and I think it is just a wonderful idea. If Mondays begin well with gratitude, Fridays are an excellent time for prayer. Another sweet friend, Dela, wrote this on her facebook status:
 " Resolved, to ask myself at the end of every day, week, month and year, wherein I could possibly in any respect have done better. Jan. 11, 1723. -Jonathan Edwards :) ...broken, in a good way"

And when Adina suggested prayer Friday, this quote was the first thing that come to mind. I remember saying that I would post my "journally" talks with God here but only did it once. Well, they get a little too personal but it's a good practice so I'll give it another go.

Dear God,
I´m still feeling the flame of my spirit is barely a flame at all. I don't feel the desperate need for quite time with You as I use to. I barely get out of my seat to go to church, and it feels like a tremendous effort to go. As I read Dela's status and I thought what I could have done better, my mind instead  turned to think if I had done anything wrong.
   Such human nature! Instead of seeking excellence, we are contented with good enough. Yet I don't want to settle. I don't want to settle for an OK relationship with You. I don't want to settle for a good marriage. I don't want to settle for she-no-longer-flips-at-work-giving-an-ok testimony.
   The occasional bad word still slips my lips. I found myself murmuring now and then. I am attracted to group talks of ill-speaking of coworkers or bosses. I sometimes facebook and pinterest when I should be programming justifying myself with the excuse that I still get my job done in time. I don't care much if I'm punctual. I am not the first to serve or concede. I don't give second thought if I'm hurtful in my online comments and I dish "truth" without consideration and tact.
Maybe I didn't fail in these dark areas of mine as much this week than before, but I don't want to be content with just that. I want strive for higher calling: godlines. I want to completely remove this old self to be the new creature I am in Christ.
For this, I must remain in Christ.
Thus I make that prayer my own, as David did, that I might examined my heart, my thoughts, my attitudes, and desires till they are agreeable to You and bring You glory.
I can't do this without You, You give the desire and the action, May You fill my heart with passion for You and remember the work You are doing in me.
Might I seek You with desperation and see Your beauty.

Forever loving You,

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