Praying for waiting

Every good deed is contagious. No doubt. Since the Prayer Friday my darling Adina started, I've felt like praying more and more.
I'll cross my fingers and hope that I have been infecting others with a grateful heart. The thing is that I am constantly contaging myself with gratitude, because it is easily "cured."

Dear God,
Today when I went to the bathroom in the morning, my body announced me I was not pregnant. I have to confess my heart was broken. Right this moment I feel teary-eyed and still a little disappointed. I'll be sure to say thank You for Your decision during these days and share it on Gratitude Monday. I know prayer includes saying thanks and not only asking, but I do want to ask You right now to guard my heart. Help me be still and learn that You are God and YOUR will WILL be done. Help me accept Your will happily and hopeful for it is good and perfect. Let my joy be known and my face be uplifted because my faith is on my King. May I trust You with no second doubts or questionings. Please comfort my heart. Before going to bed I would pray: "Give me a child I can devote to You. Give me a David or a Samuel." This is and will be my prayer; I was just really really hopeful this was my month. Feelings of fear do fill me from time to time. I get scared, Father. Please comfort my heart and appease my mind. 
I want to thank You, Father, for the example you have given me and my husband through my father and my father-in-law. They are both hard working man who when faced with hard economical times use their wit, resourcefulness, and diligence to provide for their family. They have been having some hard past years (the whole country has!), but they keep striving and trying. They are both beginning a new venture and I pray You bless them and help them gain the means to keep on being great family heads.
Please help my my mom, brother, and sister on their new life ventures living separate from each other, alone, and on their own in different countries! Help them consider it pure joy when faced with many trials, knowing that the testing of their faith produces perseverance, and let perseverance finish its work so that they may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.
I pray I might see a need and fill a need. May I not live my days for myself and seeking my own. Might I be Your hands and feet. Might I always shout how grateful I am for You in my life.

Love You Lord. 

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  1. I am saddened by your admission, saddened for you. But so pleased that you are earnestly trying to turn it over to the Lord for His timing. I will join you in prayer for a little one. :)