Dear Emmalee/ 2 Months

Emmalee turn 2 months today!!!
Yippiee!!! Boy, I felt it took forever.
We went through tough things this new month: I went back to work. :(
That first day separated was extremely hard. I didn't think it'd be that bad.
I thought the second week back to work would get easier. Emotionally it was; unfortunately, physically it wasn't since I got very sick. Yikes! Just came back to work and had to take another leave of absense. :S
I hope my employers are not regreeting my contract renewal :P

Life has gotten a bit more complicated. We have a pretty hectic schedule that looks like this:
7 :00 am Early morning feed time. Mommy has already bathed by now and dad has to hurry up taking his.
7 :30 am Emmalee has enjoyed play time so she can now sit calmly (most days) and watch mom and dad get ready. We have to pack Emmalee's clothes and needs, playpen, stroller and infant seat. Mom and dad have breakfast and Emmalee just watches and "agus" at us.
8:00 am Leaving to drop mommy to work. The ride is usually calm if we have a bottle at hand for when Emmalee gets upset the car isn't moving because of too much traffic. I thought she'd sleep all the way, but it's one of her most chatty times of the day and mommy is happy they can chat and stare at each other as much as they want.
8:30-5:30 pm: Mommy is at work. Dad had to drop off Emmalee at her grandma's house at noon, grab a quick lunch, and leave for college. Dad took care of the morning playtime and feedtime while working on his assginments and studies. Grandma had time to cook lunch and takes care of the noon and early afternoon feedtime and playtime.
6:00pm: Mommy arrives in time for the afternoon feedtime and playtime. We have to wait at grandma's house for dad.
8:15 pm Dad arrives and we have dinner together (most of the time in gracious grandparents house). Again we have to pack all of Emmalee's stuff and go back home. (Most of the time we only pack the playpen and infant seat. We only take the stroller home on weekends) This packing is easier because grandpa or Uncle Kris or Uncle Javi help entertain Emmalee while we pack. Thank God for grandma Linda's playpen and how quick it packs!
9:00 pm night feedtime and playtime. This is our family time. Emmalee won't accept to be placed anywhere; she will demand to be carried. :)
10:00pm Bath time. We have gotten pretty good at bathing Emmalee in record time. After the bath, we enjoy time in the rocking chair while I comb Emmalee's hair and dad reads us the Bible. Later dad lays on the nursery's rug and I sing worship songs to finish our devotional time and also send Emmalee to sleep. She usually gets a last feeding to doze off comfortably.
4:00 am If we are lucky, there won't be any middle of the night feeding. Emmalee is learning to drop this feeding pretty fast. If not, it is a quick feedtime and she's back to sleep in no time so it's all good.

Dear Emmalee,
You are two months! It is amazing how much you've changed in only two months of life! 
You have the most amazing smile. You melt your mommy like butter everytime you smile. I could stare at you forever. 
You speak beautifully as well. Mom could record the sounds you make and use them as soundtrack all day at work and be completely content. 
Your hair is as uncontrollable as ever and yet it's everyone first comment when they meet you. Everyone also falls for your beautiful eyes, especially when they light up when accompanied by your smile.
Mommy prays each day for the time when we'll be able to be together all day long, but your granparents are thoroughly enjoying themselves. Your grandpa loves to take you for walks and pray for your life with you. Mommy does this on the weekends too. You won't sleep on daddy's arms! To you, dad means playtime.
Your Uncle Kris and Uncle Javi are excited to learn how to care for you. I found Uncle Javi, who at first didn't know how to interact with you, rocking you to sleep. It was adorable. 
Mom disobeys what babywise says of letting you cry to sleep. I'll let you sleep in my chest to your hearts content. I hope you know how loved you are. You are very lucky baby girl. I love how you still jump to your grandma Linda's voice even through skpe. It was your favorite voice when you were in the womb. 
Everyday I tell your dad that you are the most perfect baby in the world and he agrees. I ask God to never let me forget to give thanks for everytime you awake with life. I pray for God's purpose in your life, baby girl. I pray you might love Him with all your heart. He made you beautiful! I was feeling pretty good with myself thinking "I might not do many thing, but I make beautiful babies" hehehe. But it was God Who formed you so wonderfully and healthy and I give thanks. 

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