What kind of man

I didn't know at the time I married my husband the kind of man he is.
You can't know. You can see how he is with his family, his friends, and as a boyfriend. 
You can see how he is in his endeavours. You can see how he is in his likes and dislikes, hobbies, and the things he treasures. But you can't know what kind of man he is. 

You learn what kind of man a man is in hardship. God knows this and this is why He passes us through tests of fire that refine our hearts. 
I didn't know at the time just how incredibly amazing my husband would turn out.

I was once advising two sixth grade students of mine that had spoken ill (pretty badly) of the girl they liked and I asked them what kind of man they wanted to be. I remember telling them the kind of man they become depends on the decisions they make each day. A husband does not marry his wife thinking he'll cheat on her one day. A father does not have a family thinking he'll one day leave them for another woman. These things happen because they made decisions that turned them into the kind of man little boys loathe. I told them that if they wanted to be the kind of man that gave God glory they had to chose to obey Him and give Him glory with every little thing they did. I told them a man that does not respect her classmate can grow to be the kind of man that disrespects his wife. A man that hits his classmates can grow to be the kind of man that hits woman.  A man that lies to his teacher can grow to be the kind of man that makes a dishonest and illegal living. Every decision was shaping the kind of man they'd be and I wanted them to be the kind of man girls dream of. I remember the talk having an impact on them and they still write to let me know of the man they're becoming. 

I've seen friends married to authorative husbands, lazy husbands, unattentive husbands, husbands who prefer to be out of the house til late hours, husbands who would rather go out without the wife, husbands who are unkind and harsh, husbands that put work first than family, husbands who put church first than family, husband who look at other women or cheat, husband who leave them, husbands who put money and security before starting a family, husbands that don't want children, husbands whose love depends on your looks. None of my friends married their husband thinking they'd get that kind of man.

My husband has servant, selfless heart. He is loving and caring and he makes sure I feel happy and cared for. He loves to go out with me and wants to take me wherever he goes. He would rather stay home with me if I can't go out and does so happily. Even after hard work, he comes home and cares for his sick wife, helps her with dinner, and gives her massages and kisses. My husband is the most patient man in the world bearing his choleric wife. Family is the most important thing for him and he makes his wife become more family oriented by making her spend time with his family and even with her own family. He makes his wife be more attentive of relatives birthdays and celebrations and call them more often. My husband has only eyes for me; he won't be in a room alone with another woman by personal conviction. After the changes my body suffered after the pregnancy, he still looks at me with lovey-dovey eyes, tells me I'm beautiful every morning, and tells me I'm the woman his heart desires. He wakes up early to care for the baby's first waketime so I might have more sleep time. His daughter and his wife are constantly on his mouth when he's with his friends and classmates. He runs to help anyone who needs his help. He reads us the Bible every night after Emmalee's bath. He is always willing to help with Emmalee. He calls me everyday just to ask me how I'm doing and say "I love you." His first reaction when faced with trials is bow in prayer. He fasts for his wife's feeble health. He is not afraid to pursue the dream of a big family. He is a hard worker, punctual, and responsible.

I love my husband. I thank the Lord for the man he is and that he is the man I have. I pray I can be his help meet to help him grow more into that kind of man that gives God glory with his life and pray I don't stray him from that path.
I am a lucky, lucky girl. I won the lottery of life with such a husband.
I am grateful beyond words for him.

Help me remember to treasure him for he is the kind of man you gave me and he is wonderful.

My man is also a great photographer!

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