Heartbroken for my country

I'm here today with my heart broken.
I'm heartbroken to see the kind of planet we live in.
Lately the atheist I talk to no longer try to prove God is not real. My argument that evolution is also accepted by faith makes them not want to go there. Instead, they try to make me reject God with questions like: "How could your loving god kill everyone in the planet with a flood."
I was thinking in these questions the atheist like to make me and I was thinking "I wish God did the same today!"

Today I read of six year old little girl who lost her life riding the bus from school to her home because some man went in to rob the passengers and an armed passenger defended his hard earned, day's pay and started a shooting.
It breaks my heart I read stories like this every single day in my country. Sometimes more than one news a day. News of  a "friend" who killed a family in the heat of a soccer game and many drinks. News of a young man starting his small carpentry business and being killed because he refused to pay the extorsion from gangs. News of a man who killed a two year old girl because she was crying in the night and woke him up. News of a 15 year old girl and her body guard killed when a hitman shot so many bullets to the car they were riding he also killed a woman vendor in a fruit stand behind the car. Or a little boy shot in the chest while playing in his aunt's lap in their backyard because policeman and gang members were in a confrontation in their neighborhood, leaving the aunt and his sister in the hospital while mom was at work oblivious.
It breaks my heart you never hear news of any justice made or murderers captured.
It breaks my heart when our president has the nerve to go infront of the cameras and say there isn't much violence in my country when the city of San Pedro Sula is ranked as one of the most violent cities in the world.
My heart is broken. It hurts for my fellow country men that lose their lives in this narcotraffic, gang filled country of mine. I cry for the innocent that lose their lives for nothing, for corruption. I cry for the brave ones who tried to make a difference in the government and were killed, some alongside with their families.
Today I read the news of the eight year old boy who lost his life in the Boston explotions during the Boston marathon. He was just waiting for his dad to get to the finish line to cheer for him, to hug his dad and say congrats. But some evil men planted bombs to kill innocent for what? For what??!!!!

And so my broken heart thinks of men's evil, perverted hearts and understands why God would consume them with fire and water. If my heart is broken, I wonder if God's is also broken. God, Who hears the cries of the innocent pleading for their lives before murderers, Who sees men walk away from Him and bring suffering to his neighbor, must be heartbroken too.

It's a good thing God is God and I am not.
Today I weep for my country as the Spirit in me gently tells me to forgive and trust in God's justice. I weep eventhough I am reminded I must pray for my authorities even if they are corrupted. The Spirit reminds me to grab hold of love, peace, and joy instead of bitterness, anger, and hatred.
It reminds me to be grateful for the life I am given today and the fact that my loved ones are by my side.
It reminds me Jesus weeps with me as I weep for those in pain far away and so does He.

My heart goes to the families and victims of these horrible acts of violence. Let this be a reminder of life's fragility and how we must not lose time to give the Gospel. Go give someone near you the gospel today. Life in this earth is nothing compared to eternity. Let us not forget the Cross. Let our hearts be broken if someone does not know the beauty of Christ and what He did for us in the Cross. Today is the day.

Dear God,
Let this be my reaction to this violence in my country: that I might shine brighter with your gospel wherever I go! Use me to replace hatred and hurting with Your peace and love. Let us remember You were a victim of violence; You, Who is the Son of God and almighty, suffered for love for us. Thank You, Lord, for Your mercy and grace to this evil-doing mankind, for your mercy and grace to me!
I love You.

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