Dear Emmalee/ 4 Months

Dear Emmalee,

You are now 4 months! 
You are now an international baby. We went to visit your grandma on Panama City and you were a darling on the airplane. People would look at you with a little fear of the rambunctious cries they thought you'd make, but you proved them wrong being a pleasant company on both rides. 
Everyone was crazy to meet you in Panama. The people you and I hadn't met yet but had showered us with gifts and prayers were a wonderful treat. They introduced you to the church and they prayed for you to live a life for Christ. 
This is my greatest desire for you. 
This I will instil in you, and I will guard and protect in you: That you love your God with all your heart and all your mind and all your strength.
Mommy got a little worried because you became very silent when we came back from Panama, but you are as boisterous as ever! You even wake up and "talk" to yourself in your crib a little every morning.
You are sleeping in your own room! So big girl of you! Daddy insisted because mommy would have kept you close forever, but it was for the best.
You got your first flu. :(
Mommy was vigilant and scared, but even sick you were giggly and affable.
Your new thing is to smile with your tongue out. Makes you look crazy, baby girl.
You LOVE standing up. You cry if I don't place you on your two feet when you want to. It's your most demanding moment. I don't mind. 
Life is so beautiful with you in it. Your favorite place to sleep is still on top of mommy.  
Your hair is as crazy as always, but soon it will be long enough for me to hold together under a headband. You look beautiful anyways. I just care because people won't stop nagging me to comb your hair (as if it can be tame! ^_^)
I am eternally greatful with God for your life, baby girl! You have blessed us beyond my imagination. 
I love you forever,

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