Our Panama Trip

It was such an enormous blessing to see my mom on Easter week.
My mom had been with us during December and Janaury to help with Emmalee's birth, but since there were so many post-partum complications, I didn't enjoy her company much because I was in alot of pain.
I was eager for her to see Emmalee and see how much she has changed and grown and how cute she is interacting with everyone.
Mom and Emmalee sure enjoyed their time together; it was the first time I heard Emmalee laugh out loud.
It was Emmalee's (obviously) and Rodol's first airplane trip!

Panama City is beautiful. We really enjoyed it.
On our first day we took a walk on the historic city center "Casco Viejo." We enjoyed buying some souvenirs for our loved ones back home and enjoying the beach and city skyline views for pictures together.

Next day we visited the Panama Canal Musuem. For a Civil Engineer husband, it was like entering a candy store.

We checked in on the Westin Hotel Resort that my mom got as a courtesy for all the medical conventions she has hosted there. Can I hear a "Woo hoo!" for free stay at a gorgeous new hotel? :)
Emmalee enjoyed her first time "in" the pool.

 I only let her feet in the pool because I considered her too young to be exposed to such chloride content. She rocked her bathing suit though!

Are you liking her matching headbands made by mommy?

Can I hear a "Hooray!" for fancy hotel meals?! The hotel had a barbacue themed night that had melts-in-your-mouth steak. Happy hubby again! Emmalee looked soooo cute on her formal dress.

After checking out of the hotel :(, we got to have a super fun, family bike ride down the Cosway.

Last day was shopping day and we visited the local Great Comission Church in Panama, but we took pics of that day with my sis' cam. It was truly a blessing to meet my mom's friends that had been sending us gifts for Emmalee and showered us with prayers during the pregnancy. They have blessed us from afar and we were more blessed to meet them at last. Lilly and I got to sing Heart of Worship during the service and the pastor presented Emmalee and prayed for our family's lives. It was a wonderful time.

Thank You, Lord, for being so good to us. We are undeserving!


  1. The photo of daddy and baby in the pool... Lovely! Such a great trip. I love seeing your family grow and develop. You are a woman after God's heart and I appreciate your blog posts. I just want to pinch your daughter's cheeks!!! :-)

  2. Our mom will always be sweetest person in the world! Looking for a good hotel in Panama can be overwhelming, but your mom make sure you will not experience that. Anyway, Panama is really an exciting place to visit, and it's good to see in the picture how happy all of you were during the vacation. I hope you'll have more vacation like this in the future. =)

    Donna Parsley