Dear Emmale 8/9 months

Here are the pics of her eight month photoshoot. Fastest photoshoot ever. She was just gleaming.

 Made that pose on her own. So adorable!

In the pictures she only had two teeth. She has four now but you can't see them on her next photoshoot.

Here is her 9 month photoshoot. It was a laid back photoshoot due to mommy's health, but she rocked it anyway.

Dear Emmalee,
You get more amazing with time. Hearing you say "ma ma" and "pa pa" is the most darling thing in the world. Seeing you say bye bye with your hand or the glimpse of joy in your eyes when you clap along makes my heart melt. You LOVE music and will dance to any tune you hear, even if it's a commercial. You have four teeth and you look so different with your upper teeth. You are still the cutest thing my eyes have beheld.
You are a little tornado. Since you can stand up and move around on your feet, you are a little trouble maker pulling down adornments and gadgets. You even dropped daddy's heavy laptop.
I'm sorry I haven't been with you as much as I've wanted. Mommy has been sick the past month. You've been spending more time with your caring and loving Daddy. When I do spend time with you, you don't let go and won't let anyone take you away from my arms.
It's so wonderful to see you light up when you see me or daddy come home.
I am glad to tell you that you are very well behaved in the car now and that is a huge relief for mom and dad.
You have become more independent and it's so funny to hear you play alone and talk to your toys.
Bath time has become our thing. Mommy feels better under the hot bath and you love playing on your bathtub. You are so daring trying to stand up in the tub. I have to keep a watchful eye. Wouldn't want you to lose a tooth.
I've told this to other moms and they agree with me, I think you know or sense you have a sibling on the way. You are gonna be such an awesome older sister. I hope your sibling is as well-behaved as you are. You have not been hard one bit and I see other babies and I'm glad I lucked out with your easy going personality.
I finally caved and cut your hair. I had been controlling it hair clips and headbands, but you were just tired of them and your hair was over your eyes. 
We are going to learn so much together. I'm sure I'm gonna learn more from you than the other way around. Watching your joy and innocence brings such peace and understanding to my sometimes troubled heart. Just a look on your eyes and everything in the world is perfect, no matter how hard the days can be. I pray I might live like this forever at your side.
I've started reading to you and soon we will start learning christian songs and children songs. I pray your heart might have a fiery pasion for Jesus. He has been so good to us and has sustain us through this year.
Baby, I pray you know how loved you are and what an HUGE blessing you are in our lives. We love you so much!
Mom and Dad

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