Dear Kaylee 2 years

Dear Kaylee,

No! You are getting big too fast. I want to freeze time and keep you my baby forever. You are such a sweet girl. I don't even know where to begin to describe your sweetness. I love hearing you giggle when your sister is being silly just for the sake of making you laugh. And I love when you do that for her as well. Oh, those sweet giggles are also heard loudly when you play with your puppy Alee. I named her Alee for your sake. I wanted a name you could pronounce, and it's the sweetest sound when it comes out of your mouth. Your voice doesn't have that low register that was hilarious anymore, though your dad and Aunt Sara still think it is. You love singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and are crazy about the new Peanuts movie. You don't say Snoopy, though; you say Poopy. It's hilarious. You are such a good sleeper. You won't know how grateful I am to you for this until you become a mom yourself, so know how immensely grateful mommy is to you for this. You haven't entered your terrible two stage. I am thinking you'll skip it all together. You are such an obedient little girl. You greet and you say thank you and please, even in English and Spanish. You are no longer the crazy little monkey you were when you were younger. Yesterday, Emmalee went to bed really early, so I got to spend alone time with you while bathing you. We have this tall bucket in the shower that you love to get in and use as a "tub." You are so careful of getting in and out of that bucket to avoid slipping. I really loved that if I am holding your hand, you'll just jump out of it. If I am holding your hand, you'll run down stairs or jump of beds. It made me think of Jesus' words: Be more like children. If I am holding your hand, you are confident nothing will happen to you. And read this:
Isaiah 41:13
13 For I, the Lord thy God, will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, ‘Fear not; I will help thee.’

Isn't it wonderful to know we can always take a leap because we are trusting the Lord is holding our hand. May we take more steps in faith knowing Who is holding us!

You are still my little Linus. I just love watching you go around with your blanket in hand. I love watching you cuddle your baby dolls. Sweet girl, you don't know this, but you are a big sister to a sibling in Heaven. On Saturday, we were shopping for your birthday gift. You just wanted another baby doll to your collection. I refused because you and your sister fight a lot for those baby dolls. There was this naked baby doll in a bath tub and you ran to pick it up and held that baby in such a lovely, motherly embrace. It brought mommy to tears thinking of the sweet big sister you would have been and will be for your future siblings. 
Your favorite word is no. I think you just use the same scheme I do. When I don't understand what you or your sister said to me, I just say "yes." You must do the same, just with no instead. You can already count, jump, categorize, pick up after yourself, feed yourself (mostly with utensils), understand shapes, sizes, and colors. You are just so brilliant. Mommy has been failing to read to you more. I just really enjoy our prayer time. We pray every night together. 
You have learned how to play better with Alee. She has been with us for three weeks, but poor thing had to survive your rough play. I love her for not being a resentful puppy. I mean, you did try to use her as a horse and the poor thing is smaller than both your legs together. 
The night mommy knew she lost the baby, you and your sister were laying next to me, one at each side, in bed. This never happens. You can't stay still. We were in bed with the lights of and mommy was feeling downtrodden, crying in secret. In the darkness and silence of the room, you just started softly singing Twinkle, Twinkle. Mommy and Emmalee join you singing, and we sang it like 5 times. I have to say that is one of the most beautiful moments I have experienced in my life. Mommy was without daddy, and she desperately need him, but she had you and Emmalee and you were the perfect comfort. 
Thank you for being my little one. Thank you for your sweetness, your independence when you play, your dependence of mainly mommy when you want someone to hold you, your good eating and sleeping habits, your obedience, your playfulness, your love to your sister, puppy, mommy, and daddy, and everyone around you, specially Yuhu (great grandpa). Thank you for being eager to share time with Aunt Lilly and Grandma Linda when we went to Panama. You had your first plane trip and you were a perfect trooper. You played with Aunt Lilly's ferret and made even Sarita fall in love with you. 
May God give you many more years and may He grant me the honor of watching you grow and continue learning from you. 
I love you more than words can express. 

Playing with Aunt Lilly's ferret Atsui

Monkeying up with Aunt Lilly

With mommy in beautiful Panama

Bird-watching with Grandma Linda

You are the most most beautiful view in sight!

Sweet girl

Birthday cake with family. Daddy was joining us through skype 
These two share a special bond! We love you Tia Sara

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