A Great Adventure

After my last post, I can't believe my joy today.
I don't think I've ever started grattitude monday this excited!
Boy oh, boy! I still feel the adrenaline in my body from yesterday's adventure.
Dear Lord, You are too amazingly good to me!

God, more than anyone, knows my heart best. He knows I crave for two things: adventure and new things. I am always day dreaming of trying out new things, seeing new places, and meeting new people. I got my share of all three the year I moved to Mexico city and got to travel through a fair share of that amazing country, make awesome friends, and trying out new things like Japanesse, jazz and contemporary dancing, poi, ferret pets, food, and much more!

As a teacher, I got my share of new people and trying out new things; didn't see many new places but my heart was satisfied. As a computer programer, I get to try new things, but I don't enjoy learning to make webservices in different platforms as much as making a new christmas play or coreography with my students each year. I fear a routine life more than anything in the world. The good thing is that life has changed dramatically as a married woman, and it will probably change even more as a mother (can't wait!). Still, I need my kicks of adventure, new things, new places, new people!

Friday I got a call from a my dear friend Marcela, who I haven't seen in way too long, and she asked me if I wanted to go rock climbing with her. I knew that friday I would stay at work late, I would have to go to work on Saturday, and I would be extremely tired and would not have much time with my husband. I called the hubby and asked if I could go and if he'd like to go, and after his approval and a little analyzing the pros and cons (don't do this too much in life. It's all about the risk!), we said yes. I left work at 10 pm on friday (5 hours after my shift) and had to work on saturday from 10 am to 6 pm (when I don't work on saturdays!). My lazy side who usually trumps my adventurous side lost no time in telling me that going to that exhausting trip and with my health condition would not be appropiate. I had planned to tell Marcela in the morning I was not going to be able to make it.

That Sunday morning I was so excited about the trip I got up really early. Rodol was up too (I can tell he was excited too because like me, he had had a tough week too.) We made french toasts, fed the dogs, prepared some extra clothes for the trip and waited for Marcela to arrive to eat breakfast. It was so good seeing her. She looked lovely as ever. Her energy and joy are always contagious and we were anxious to get there.

Marcela, Me, and Rodol

I was not prepared for what the trip had instore for us. We met with Marcela's friends, who are experienced rock climbers and have the climbing equipment, and were informed that we were not climbing rocks; we were going to do rapelling on a cascade. I had't seen many impressive cascades in the vecinities of tegucigalpa, but I was excited to do the rapelling. We went to Corralitos near El Hatillo and parked the cars in a stranger's house, who is nice enough to let us park the cars in his garage to keep them safe! You don't see kindness like that in the city. We walked some way and stopped at a high mountain were you could hear but not see a lot of water falling. We stopped to receive instruccions by our leader on how to use the equipment and do the rapelling properly and safely. We climbed down on foot a little more and there it was! A large, cristal water, beautiful cascade! How is it that more people don't know of this cascade?! Well, it is not easy to access and the only way down was the way we were going to go. My heart was racing. It felt so surreal to see such a place and to be doing this in Honduras.

I immediately ran to grab a climbing harness to be one of the first ones down. Anthony, one of the more experienced, went down first to secure all the rest.The leader asked who wanted to go down first, but Marcela is more overeager than I am and got first. Down she went and it felt like an eternity waiting for her to get down faster and get my turn. I am my mother's daughter; as soon as I started my descent, I was laughing out loud like a hienna just as my mom laughs when she is nervous. It was fun that it was the first thing Rodol said to me as he heard me and saw my grin. I could feel my heart beating on my throat! Half of the descent was walking backward on the rock and half of it was in mid air. The cascade was so close that its wind was moving my rope forward and backward. Now I could barely feel my heart beat at all. The nervous grin never left my face all the way down. All I could think of is "don't let go of the rope with your right hand" (the most important instruccion the leader gave) and "just keep going and this will all be over." I guess that if I would have known what was expecting me down below, I would have taken longer on that mid air descent. The water was extremely cold. If there is no hot water in my house, I will put some water in pots in the stove to warm or I won't bathe at all (yes, I am not ashamed to admit that; I am very vulnerable to cold). I thought they said the water would only be as high as my knee. It was as high as my neck! Marcela had been there waiting for me and Anthony would be there for everyone else. Marcela and I climbed over a rock to get out of the cold water with our clothes all wet and out teeth chattering and our bodies shivering. Marcela has pale skin complexion, but I was unaware of how white it could turn.

We sat on the rock waiting for Rodol's descent, but the next girl down informed us girls would be descending first. There were 4 girls left and they were taking forever to make their minds and start their descent (they weren't as eager as we to risk their lives down a 40 m drop). As much as we wanted to see Rodol's descent, it was too cold. We swam the river till we reached dry ground and the cascade was no longer in sight. Marcela had taken her backpack with her and we figured out how to carry it to shore without getting it more wet. Luckily, the clothes inside were dry and we changed clothes behind some rocks (Marcela was only able to give me some socks and a shirt as my clothes were with Rodol). It took 3 hrs for Rodol's turn to descend! Three hours of completely freezing ourselves! We had left the house at 9 am and it was already 2 pm. We had not eaten, we were wet and cold, and there was still an hour hike back to the cars!

The hike back at least gave us the warmth we needed with some good old exercise and elevated heart rate. Unfortunately, Marcela and I each had a fall and we hit our elbows. Rodol hurt his leg on a rock on the river and his hand with the rope on the descent. Still, it was one of the greatest days of this year and one of the greatest adventures I've had.

We were happy to get to the car and drive home to change clothes. We went to eat some Chuletas y tajaditas (pork chops and chips) at Sabores de la Costa at 5 pm. Needless to say, we ate two plates each!
Days like this make me feel so lucky to be were the Lord has me. I never know what He has instore for me. He never ceases to surprise me, never ceases to amaze me. He is kind enough to grant me the desires of my heart and show me the grandeur of His creation.

Grateful for:
*249 Marcela's friendship. I've often told others of her testimony and her love for Jesus, that she had her own ministry feeding the hungry of a very poor neighborhood in Comayaguela. I am truly blessed to know her and have her friendship and get to share days like this because of her.
*250 my husband being my companion of the adventures to come in our life together.
*251 a very, very tough week that ended on a really, really high note!
*252 daydreaming of the time I'll spent with my sister and my mom when they visit me next month! so anxious. 24 days to go!
*253 switchfoot and their music. I owe myself to see them in a concert. Someday!
*254 the pups learning new tricks and performing them infront of friends and family. They made me proud!
*255 Tough financial months maybe coming to an end.
*256 the pill for my hypothyroidism being affordable and helping me recover. Waking up early and brighter.
*257 being able to wear earrings. Seriously, I could wear them for two hours tops. Now, all day long! It's a habit to use them and combine them and the hubby loves that.
*258 being faithful in not biting my nails.
*259 a God that has words of comfort in the times of greatest need.
*260 a God that can give you such wonderful days after such afflicting days. Every season is important.
*261 a God that gives hope that will be attained
*262 a God that is always patient and loving.
*263 Izell's beautiful disposition to help me learn to sew. Next Saturday I won't be working and will be spending time with her :)
*264 getting my dose of new places, new people, and new things that truly brightens my heart!
I love You, Lord!

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