Happy Thanksgiving

I think I have never before been so happy for thanksgiving as I am today. It has been a year of experiencing the changing power of thankfulness that has taken ahold of me and I am not letting go. I've experienced how it has made me turn my sorrows into joy, my burdens into peace, my worrying into trust, my sickness into health! I've been intentional in being grateful, and the moment I stop, I feel my old ways crawl back.

The secret of true thankfulness is that ,unlike hope and faith were you believe in promises and wait to receive them, you are content and joyful with your now and present, good and bad, with the knowledge that being thankful will not necessarily change the present. And maybe this is why it is hard for some to be thankful. And if it won't change the present, why then are we thankful?

I like that thankful is a synonym of appreciate. We are thankful because everything we have received he were given. I remember boasting once (ok, more than once) about my beautiful singing voice and thinking how lucky I was "I had developed" such a lovely voice. A good friend with whom I used to sing got sick and completely lost her voice. She had to learn to talk again and was never able to sing again. I remember being filled with the fear of the Lord in not taking anything for granted, anything as coming from myself. Nothing, not even the voice that comes out of my mouth is my own. And I did not "develop" my voice, I was given it. And I learned that I could have it taken away.
Hence, I appreciate my voice. for it won't be with me forever (not untill I am at His pressence singing Holy, Holy, Holy. Can't wait!).

Speaking of thankfulness is not something I take lightly. I try to put myself in the shoes of those whose days are not something you would jump around being grateful for; those in constant physical pain because of an aillment, those in heartbreak, in pain for loss of loved ones, those in desperate sutiations, persecution, imprisonment, or martyrdom. Lately I've been fearing a certain something from happening to me, and I have asked myself if that something were to come, would I still be thankful? Would I still be talking of the changing power of thankfulness?

I think that when we think of being thankful in the most difficult times we all run to think of the incredible example of Job and the perseverant example of Paul. "In all things I give thanks..." I guess it boils down to your view of God and to your view of yourself. How we deserve nothing and again, everything we have, we have received. If it is taken away, it was never yours to start with. But I view myself sometimes as deserving, and fall to think things are unfair. And these thoughts lead to murmuring, and murmuring to questioning, and questioning to doubting God and His plan for me, even doubting His love and promises for me. Guess this is why Paul was also intentional in being thankful.

Would I stand the test of thankfulness in all times? As I have told you, working on this intentionally has made a huge difference in my life. I pray I learn it with no need of test of fire. As I said, I try to put myself in the shoes of those with a hard time giving thanks. I pray they do. I pray they realize they still receive, they realize God gave Jesus for them, they realize how loving our God is, and they can give thanks for faith and hope in things to come. I pray that being thankful in difficult times, although it does not change the present situation, it changes the heart and soul and that changes everything.

Dear Father,
Thank You. Thank You for making me and bringing me in this place and in this time. Thank You for Your will in my life and that it is good and perfect. Thank You for being You and that You can love how You do, unconditionally and strong. Thank You for all I have and all I don't and You know better and You are in control. 

Counting gifts
*265 my first sewing class with the lovely and beautiful Izell and her grandma. Can't wait for next saturday!
*266 a beautiful friendship growing with the lovely lady mentioned above :)
*267 a night out with my colleagues. it was scary but they only took me to applebees! 
*268 caressing every horse in the fair and having a lovely time with my hubby and royki!
*269 an ill monday and tuesday, but a good rest at home.
*270 no shots required this time! yuppy
*271 watching sarahi sing Santo Dios. 
*272 14 days for my mom and sis to come!
*273 verses on my cel and facebook from my daughters
*274 a nice visit from Mely and Johnny. Really enjoying our newly found friendship.
*275 a hubby that cooks and cares for her sick wifey
*276 hope, faith, and love, and above all love from my Heavenly Father.

Happy giving thanks everyday yall! :)

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