Father, Let Your light shine down on me!

Yikes, this is bearing my heart now very openly to you guys. 
So, I wanted to post covers of my favorite songs for quite a while, but I was waiting for my sister's visit to do the first with her. I made this video (my first one ever) because I wanted to share it with her and my mom tonight. 

Today I got some trying-the-heart news.
It is in times like this were my mascara has run in black tears down my cheeks where I want to be a women of faith, where I don't want to be without hope and even without joy. 
And as I was praying for what has been laid before us and what is yet to come, the dreaded, unknown outcome but at the same time the glimmering light of hope and change, this is the song that my heart was singing to the Lord. 
I wanted to share it with my family. I want it to be a prayer and a plead and a reality in us. And I want Your light, Father, to shine down on us. That the more we are tried and our suffering prolonged, we might still shine with Your light in us, we might live glorifying a God that giveth and takes, but blessed is His name, our beautiful Savior and His wonderful love, bore in great sacrifice and traced with blood to pierce our hearts forevermore. 

By Bethany Dillon

"gently welcoming the weakest things in me... how could You Perfect one, love me when I have nothing done nothing that's worthy of..." My God is good. I forget that, Lord. I won't ask why, it is a selfish thing to do. I will instead say thanks in this time of need for I have You and I am no longer afraid. 

Psalms 23: "The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not lack.... though I walk through the valley of shadow and death, I shall fear no evil, for You are with me..." You are always with me, always with us. 

Love You Lord!  

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  1. Thank you for sharing this with me Linda. It was a blessing. Beautiful - smiling as I write this - God's peace flowing through your singing. Thank you friend. God bless!!!