Learning that God is in small paws and wet noses!

Dear Father,

Today is mother's day. I am not yet a mom and I can't have the honor of celebrating my mom, since she is in another country. Some get angry at me when I call my 4 little puppies my kids, but to this aspiring mom, who has spent her weekends trying to recover from her illness bed-riden, they really made her weekend wonderful. My hubby went out hunting and I was glad I had 16 paws following me around as I did the house cleaning. Playing with puppies is one of those things that brings me such a joy that only other dog lovers like myself understand and everyone else thinks I'm crazy. One of the greatest time I have with them is lying on the floor and have them chew my hair, bite my chin and nose, and after some time of biting my hands, arms, toes, and fingers, have them nap in my neck. During all t his time, I am filled with the most inexplicable joy and laughter. Oh Father, thank you for these little blessing only You know how good to my soul they are.

Meet my darling puppies I will soon have to part with, but for now are my joy and hazzle!

This is Mai. She is a combination of playful and sweet.

This is Lanky! She is a combination of cuteness and crazyness (seriously, dont let her cuteness deceive you)

This is Kenny. He is timid and demanding, but melts you with his softness.

This is my little one Leon. He is frail and brave. He takes on his big sisters before he falls asleep.

Thank you again Daddy, you know You make my day with them anytime!

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