Luke 6

42 How can you say to your brother, ‘Brother, let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when you yourself fail to see the plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

Today I have received two beautiful lessons that I would like to share with You, Father.

First, I was meditating on something Hernan said last night when we bumped into him at the grocery store. We were telling him how happy we were my husband will not have classes on the weekends this trimester so we won't be up all friday night working anymore. We will be able to go more to church and be more involved. He very briefly shared a lesson he had taught at the group, especially for married couples. He said the title of the sermon was "Waking up with the greatest sinner.." Many in the group looked at their spouses and smiled; some even pointed fingers. And as he went with the teaching, he let them know that the greatest sinner they wake up with is themselves. I thought that was a fairly good lesson, but as I meditated on it more and more, I saw the huge lesson behind it.

One of my coworkers was having a bad attitude. Shortly after, I had a similar incident that made me have a bad attitude. As I sat and analized my actions I realized something: I am worse than they. I have the Holy Spirit within me. I know that I don't have to be carried around by my flesh. I have commandments that send me to be kind, gentle, and respectful always. Yet, I do not just act like them, I am worse. But what is the lesson behind this truth?

1. It makes me be humbled down.
2. Being conscious of this truth, makes me close my mouth more.
3. It reminds me to guard my heart, my mouth, my thoughts.
4. Makes me seek You more faithfully and desperately.
5. Makes me pray harder and longer.
6. It obliges me to respect other as greater than me, for I am no better.
7. It teaches me to be merrciful and compassionate to others shortcomings, having a greater list of shortcomings myself.
8. It makes me think more before opening my mouth.

I can keep on. Guess I have been on a series of learning who I really am versus who I thought I was and might still think I am.

Here is the second lesson. Because we have the office vacated all for ourselves during lunch hour, we watch a movie while we eat. Now, we only have an hour to eat, so a movie goes on for two days. Today we were finishing 127 Hours (awesome movie, highly recommended). It is the story of a self-centered, independent, self-sufficient man who takes a trip to a canyon all by himself without letting anyone know where he went. He gets trapped in the canyon, were he realizes he can't continue living his life the selfish manner he has carried (a lesson learnt at a high price). At the end of the movie, he has gone through so much hardship you feel as though he is not gonna make it. And then you see him spot a family that were hiking and he screams with all his might: "HEEEELP!! HELP ME! I NEED HELP!" Yikes, just writing it down and remembering the scene makes my eyes watery. Not an easy thing to do, is it? To acknowledge YOU need help. After so long of going at it alone. After so long of relying on yourself and your capacity. To be put in a situation were you have to scream "I need help."

I wonder how often we realize this truth as well: we need help. And i wonder how often we do end up asking for help, even at times when we know we need it and can't do it alone. Oh prideful human being. Self-centered state of being!!!!

Now, marriage has really soften me. Before, I wouldn't accept help carrying something heavy. Now, if my husband is not there, I am completely useless. jejeje.
He has taught me there are others there for me and it is not a sign of weakness to ask for help.
Do we apply this to those areas we want to hide. Those that are our hardest to deal with, yet we still haven't sought help?

Dear Father,

Thank You for these lessons you have given me today. Help me to make them realities in my life. To constantly realize my sinful, lowly nature so I may never have high eyes. Never think I am better than anyone. Never forget to forgive for You forgive me countless times every day. To learn not see the speck on others eyes, when I can't see clearly. Take me further in this lesson of humility by learning to ask help, seek counsel, and open up those areas I do not wish them to be seen. May whatever I do take bring me closer to crushing my pride, so that You may grow and I may disappear.

I love You.

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