weekly grattitude

Good morning!

Another week! Yay! Waking early in the morning and getting ready to work. That thought of murmuring and laziness creeps up your back making its way to your head, when the grattitude thoughts scares it away and invogarates you to start joyful and strong.

Okie dokie, let that grattitude begin!

89* the hubby finished the trimester!!!
90* all the late night, crooked back, aching legs and neck working with the hubby on his final proyect.
91* a vacation that had to be postponed for the best.
92* being lovingly taught by my Heavenly Father humility and a low spirit.
93* a saturday spent completely with the hubby!
94* over sleeping!!!! (much needed)
95* serving my hubby and spoiling him a little. (this week he enjoyed a full massage and all his favorite meals :))
96* cares from my hubby when i feel sick.
97* my food processor. makes life easier and cooking faster :) happy!
98* making home-made tomatoe sauce filled with veggies that the husband eats and loves!
99* a stressful project at the work finally reaching its end!
100* an all-boy slumber party on my living room! o_O. Do I love the hubby or not?
101* a tower of pancakes for the hungry boys.
102* a weekend filled with delicious foods and weight-guilt! lol
103* a call with a dream from mommy.
104* Lanky's neck injury healed :)
105* a husband with a servants heart for everyone.
106* a quick talk with a friend who confides in me after all this time. I love you Ricardo Ruiz!
107* cooking with the hubby.
108* late movie in the arms of my hubby.
109* Ephesians chapter 3.

Thank You Father,
I realize everyday how inmensely blessed I am.


  1. Stopping by from Holly Experience. I like your list. I assume your husband is in school? My hubs is just finishing up law school (last paper due next Monday). It is such a blessing to be able to be a supportive and loving wife.

  2. first of all Linda, I hearted the way that you jumped into your thank you list so eagerly – it made me smile. And of your semesters finished – and projects done – and friends confided in – the one that popped out – again and again and again – and my favorite from your list – all the"husband" thank you's - they couldn't be avoided – and so they must be important. Blessings on your marriage – I hope you don't mind that I just said a little prayer for the two of you – even though I don't you in person – Our Lord does - thank you for this – smiles from beginning to end. God bless and keep you and yours.