Purple paws!

Yellow awesome Lord and Father!!!!

I have such a long list this week! You know, a few weeks back I wouldn't think my list of things I was grateful would be so long. And when I write my list I think to myself: "What a great life you live!" and I would have also not think that a few weeks back. It is not the things that happen in our lives that make it great. It's our attitude towards them as we choose to see them through Your eyes and with grattitude. I have been making a goal to be grateful for both the good and the bad. I have little bad to be grateful for!! How merciful and kind You are to me, sweet Father! :D

69* my hubby passed all his classes!!! what a hard trimester it was, but we got through!
70* i got vacations and we are taking a trip this week!
70* a visit from family long-time-no-see! I had not seen my cousin Alex for almost 15 years!!!
72* sharing time with my coworkers, and being able to serve them, cook for them, and get them eating vegetables (they not knowing it and liking it :D)
73* making chocolate chips cookies everyone loved and asked for the recipe!!! (biggest flatter to a cook)
74* learning from Mary's (Jesus' mother) example. Been meditating on her character all week!
75* an Ulloa family dinner. we are loud, talkative, numerous, and joyous.
76* sharing time with my Ulloa Aunts! ther are amazing!
77* having them over at my little house.
78* hearing my family say how much they like my husband and they are happy I found such a man!! (he is a success with everyone, even my grandfather who barely talks loves spending time with him).
79* finding why Lanky's paws were stained purple. They were getting purple and purple and we couldn't find why. Finally, after long search, my hubby found why. She had been playing with a ink bottle (don't know where she got it). super grateful it didn't make her sick and she didn't swallow some.
80* learning that I have to work harder on controlling my tongue but being able to refrain it a little bit more.
81* seeing my beautiful Adina!!! Just for a little time, that bright I get from her will last me a month!
82* liking to chat again and being able to talk with friends I dont get to see much (mexican friends, old classmates, and more).
83* feeling the nights last longer and feeling I spent a lot of time with the hubby.
84* not spending money buying lunch cus I was able to make it all week, eventhough I went to bed late.
85* air freshner! I got a sensor matic that sprays only when it senses movement!!
86* Bethany Dillon's music!
87* If I am grateful for bethany dillon's music, i'd be unfair not to add: third day, casting crowns, jon foreman, switchfoot to the list :)
88* having time to go to 180!!

I am so excited about this week. So humbled by Your many blessings and lessons. Help me to sing and not thump, but thank You for being the Potter forming me and molding me. Thank You for Your promise to be perfected in You through You for You.

I love You!!!

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