Im grateful I still enjoy cartoons :)

Hello wonderful Lord of mine,
It's that time of the week again. A Time that has become one of my favorite moments lately. The time to remember all the wonderful things You do in my life. It is 12:20 am and I am still up because I am waiting for the beans to be done cooking, but it's great that it makes me be grateful at the very beginning of the week.

I read a verse posted by my sweet friend that said "A good person produces good things from the treasury of a good heart, and an evil person produces evil things from the treasury of an evil heart."
I strongly believe grattitude will bring me closet to bringing forth things form the treasury of a good heart, specially of I remember to give thanks for the bad just as for the good.

grateful for:
34* Adina Ruth Serrano!
35* my new puppy Lanky, and her sweet, playful character.
36* the fact that Lanky and Terry are finally starting to get along.
37* the rain.
38* the rain that falls in my house because of old roofs.
39* a hubby that listens
40* a clean patio. we finally removed the grass and weed growing on the parking lot.
41* my growing plants. I had nearly killed them and now they are back to life and greener than ever!
42* a bed that gives me good rest
43* a call from mommy with good news!
44* a video of my sister dancing! wish I could see you. grateful I can!
45* a day making pizza with a dearest friend
46* the awesome, incredible, delicious, best pizza in the world! (no joking! :P)
47* cleaning products and nice lavender scents!
48* enjoying a chick flick with the hubby??!!!!
49* Naruto!
50* the loving Father that forgives my mouth's mistakes and reminds me of not to let my tongue loose
51* a job birthday! one year already??!
52* a job birthday that was a really hard day at the job.
53* a boss that humiliates you in public, but I kept a soft face (contrary to the killing-eyes stare I would have usually given)
54* another boss that listens to you
55* another boss that threw in my paycheck some extra hours' pay, even if I didnt filed them!
56* a friend that reminds me not to Thump but to sing.
57* being reminded that God disciplines us because He is Our Father and He loves us. :D
58* being reminded to have a gentle and quiet spirit when answering to my husband.
59* a hubby who moved all the cables in the house so I could watch my cartoon marathon.
60* a hubby who watched the final season cartoon episode with me, even though he is not into cartoons!
61* a grown up woman of 25 (me) who still very much enjoys cartoons!
.....small interruption.....yikes! I got caught up writing the post I forgot to check the beans!
62* grateful for the burnt beans. and the smell all over the house!
63* a new faucet in the bathroom's sink.
64* a new skillet thanks to a friend's help!
65 *Bible verses on my cellphone my mother-in-law and my father-in-law sends me. (before I get any complaints, and the verses from Eunice, Jenny, Tito and many more too!)
66* a feeding-children ministry I have been praying for starting to take form.
67* hearing my mom on the cell say "I love you."
68* seeing my sis on the chat write "I love you" (I feel so love. Hey! where is my brother? I'll get to him. lol)

The list could go on! wow, I am so blessed. But I got to go to bed or I wont get up to make the meals for the day, and I have to.

Dear Father,
Thank You for how You are steadfastly changing and renewing my heart. Don't let me forget the wonders of Your love and mercy. Don't let me forget the goodness of Your will and plan! Don't let me forget the bountless blessings You bestow upon me, starting with Your Word, prayer, and the sweet comunion with You. I am still struggling with my faithfulness in attendign church. I pray You may work in that area of our hearts. Thank You, for You!

I love You Jesus!

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  1. Linda,

    I am blessed to read your sweet list. I love how you are thankful for beans cooking into the night, providing you with time with the Lord!

    So glad you a apart of the gratitude community!