SO! Mischievous me has had two mondays off because of Honduran holidays and she has taken them off from grattitude mondays!! Bad girl, Linda, very bad!

When people would confide in me something that had happened to them or when they would publish it on facebook (¬¬), I would always try to give some advice. I am not the kind of person who likes to receive as an advice something like "you just wait and everything will be better." or something like "all you can do is pray and try to understand." I am very greatful for my dear Xenia and that when I sought her counsel, she would tell me what to do. She would even give me the steps to follow on what to do, even if some of them included waiting and praying. But they included some doing. This is how I tackled counseling too; however, life has taught me many, many things (as this blog is proof of). 1. You don't know everything (thank goodness). 2. Not everything has an answer or can be changed with some action or steps to follow. 3. Sometimes the best advice is to wait and pray and understand. 4. The only "medicine" for hard times is grattitude. So now I spend my days just advicing grattitude to everyone. I don't know if it's the ONLY medicine, but it has surely worked wonders in my life. SO, I am truly sorry, Lord, I have been missing out on grattitude Mondays.

I'm a doer. If I say I'm going to do something, I make sure I do (you can ask my mother-in-law who didn't believe me when I said I would do my own wedding cake!). Lately however, my to do list has gone to the roof. There are so many thing I said I would do and still haven't.

Well, no time like today to start and get things done. As long as I get them done, I am not completely failling my word.

Here is my pending to do list:

1. I am still praying for the "comedor de amor" I've been hoping to open. This week we start conversations again to see if we can give it a start on November so we can employ December to bless!
2. Learn how to sow and use my sewing my machine that hasn't seen the light of day. Hopefully, I'll have my first lesson this Saturday,
3. Learn not to bite my nails. It's a nasty habit I'm still battling after all this years. (Seriously, nothing else makes me feel like such a loser)
4. Join a group. I don't know what makes me stall this more and more. In total honesty, right now it is not a priority and I don't feel the need. Yet deep down inside I know I should. It will bless me and give me a time to bless. I leave this in Your hands, Father; You show me where and when and give me the desire, please.
5. Pray more constantly. Seriously, I want to be able to pray for hours in full devotion and concentration. Some people can spend hours in meditation (which to me is pointless and utterly hard) yet I know I am speaking to the King of kings and am unable to stay put and focused for at least half an hour! This is a NEED in my life. I feel I'm obliged to intercede as much as possible for my family right now and everything that has been going on with them.
6. Make cookies for my coworkers. (I said I would and they are all anxiously waiting for them. They give me this disappointed look when they see me come in without a tray of cookies. It's like they don't even care I came. :( ... lol )
7. Make George a chocolate birthday cake. (No excuse, you already bought the ingredients!!!!!)
8. Buy fronline for Terry and Lanky. (NOW! Well, when you get paid.. money, money... sigh)
9. Start practicing my piano and learning songs by ear. Seriously, I'm gonna lose the hability to learn songs by ear I spent my teens forming. To this to do add: Make your husband practice his drums too!
10. Start composing again. (I'll try to get my dad's guitar borrowed. Can't wait for my mom to bring mine on December. Should have never left it behing cuz my brother said he would "learn." I bet ol' Richard (yep, that's the guitar's name) is all dusty and sad). I've been wanting to post vids on my blog, hopefully this week I put on the first that I promised Pit I would.

So, not an impressive to do list. BUT, now that it is out there in the open, I am more pressured to get it done. I love how alot of it is not something I'll get done but something I'll have to continually do. The thing is I HAVE TO DO IT! I've always said Nike had it right. I work better under pressure, so feel free to pressure (except for the cookies, they are giving me nightmares already. Im getting that one done today!)

Many people tend to have a negative look on to do lists or setting goals for themselves. They think that having these and not getting them done or accomplished is a show of failure, so they would rather not bother with them at all. I remember a story from a youth leader about this subject: "A little boy wanted to throw a rock that would reach the moon. He tried every single night and threw the rock as high as he could. Do you think the little boy will reach the moon? Probably not, but I bet no other boy will throw a rock as high as he can." Well, I might not learn to sow beautiful garments, compose hit songs, pray for hours with no end, change the world, or become a master at the piano; but I might learn to make dresses, write songs for MY time with God, pray for change in my family, change a person's day, and play the piano a little better. That is better than nothing at all, isn't it?

Have you had dreams you'd like to tackle but never thought it was worth a shot?

*224 enjoying cold weather for the first time in my life.
*225 awesome aerobic classes that have my body aching but my energy and resistance rising!
*226 a night with Denisse!
*227 a great news from my sister, Lillian a.k.a. Pit!
*228 a mother to admire and be inspired as I put her shoes on!
*229 a negative result on a pregnancy test.
*230 my country in need with a great opportunity for the gospel and christianity.
*231 a monday well spent serving my husband.
*232 the fact that my mother listens to me and I to her.
*233 being taught to listen instead of hearing
*234 good days of rest. Thanks for the holidays!

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